It’s coming up to six months since we opened our Worcester showroom, so we thought we’d give you a little update on how things have been going at the stylish new site. High volume of visitors Footfall into the showroom was high from the very beginning and the reaction has been hugely positive from those […]

Earlier this month, we wrote a blog post outlining how important it is that a conservatory or orangery installation abides by current building regulations and rules. Within the post we also gave mention of planning permission and how a conservatory or orangery installation must similarly meet planning criteria before being fitted. We thought it would […]

It is around about this time of year when the people of Britain start organising where they are heading for their summer holiday. Whilst on their jollies, those fortunate enough to own their home will want to be certain that their property is fully secure. That will only be the case if you take necessary […]

Ever since we began selling triple glazing, customers regularly ask our consultants whether it is worth buying. We always begin by telling them that it costs more than standard double glazing, but you would expect that. Then we give them a summary of the various benefits that triple glazing provides so that they can make […]

Do you like the sound of having a secluded room in your house away from the hustle and bustle of daily home living where you can go and completely switch off from the world? A conservatory or orangery would suffice, but we are thinking about something that is even more spectacular; a glass room. The […]