Origin doors and 5 Star’s vision is to transform the entry to your home, to be visually spectacular and ultimately secure.
Origin doors complementing any property…

Origin Doors are perfect for a new or existing build, an extension, an ultra modern build or even a old style cottage – Origin Doors are guaranteed to change the way your home works, enabling you to enjoy the link between the outsides and inside like never before.

All Origin Doors are completely bespoke, manufactured exactly to your size, colour scheme, finish, handle, knocker and letter plate requirements.

Whether it’s a  French Door,  Corner,  Bi-fold,  Slider,  Front, or French style Garage Doors, every one is made using top quality aluminium for a smooth, flawless and effortless operation.

Choose Origin Doors, you’re guaranteed something very special.

Origin Doors & Windows - Premium Partner
Origin doors experience and range makes them an obvious choice.

Relax you’re in safe hands, Origin Doors have manufactured over 456,621 Origin doors in aluminium, Bi-folding doors, Front doors, French doors, Back doors, Internal doors, Corner doors and Sliding doors in over 150 Ral colours. 5 Star highly recommend Origin Doors, British made in aluminium.

Origin Bi-Folding Doors


5 Star are proud to be an Accredited Partner with over 10 years’ experience fitting Origin Doors. Origin has won a host of product and manufacturing awards and 5 Star are ready to fit yours next.

Origin Bi-Folding Doors


Bi-folding doors change how a house works, nothing else comes close. Origin Bi-folds don’t only look fantastic but they work great, every time.

Origin Corner Doors


An Origin Corner Door replaces two adjoining external walls, forming the corner opening door configuration which works effortlessly and looks stunning.

Origin French Doors


Origin French Doors allow you to flood your home with natural light and make the most of outdoor views without compromising on security.

Origin Doors grey feature front door


Form, and function come hand in hand with Origins doors. Choose the perfect design, then enjoy your fabulous new entry.

Origian Sliding Doors


Explore some of the slimmest sliding doors on the market, creating some of the largest glass expanses for full, uninterrupted views.

Origin Internal Doors


Dividing your internal space, has never been more desirable! anything is possible, and everything is sleek, stylish and desirable.


New Origin Soho OB-36+ External Bi folds and French doors

Origin Doors Soho OB-36+ ultra-slim frame profile of just 36mm, whilst attaining U-Values as low as 1.0 W/m2K

Steel-look, crital (Crittall) style Bi-fold and French Door systems.

Future Homes compliant for 2025 in 2024.

Lavish Signature Knurled handle, in six stunning house colours.

VIEW origin doors soho-ob-36 RANGE
Crital Style french doors, zoomed in onto distinct Origin handles and key lock plate.
A close up Origin Soho Collection OB-36+ hinge and powder coated aluminium profile in anthracite grey with gasket and glass detail.
British Manufactured…

British Manufactured Origin are proud that all their products are exclusively designed and manufactured in our English, Buckinghamshire factory. Origin strives to manufacture the highest quality doors and make certain they have fully traceability products throughout their lifespan.

By looking after their Origin Doors – from component sourcing through to guarantee – it means that Origin has the greatest level of control over its overall quality and lifespan.

British Manufactured Doors
Safety and security as standard...

Rest Assured... With Origin, every product is exclusively: designed, engineered, manufactured, delivered, guaranteed and supported… by Origin, in the UK. The Residential, Bi-fold, Corner Bi-fold, French and Back Door can all be specified with our specially designed multi-point lock.

With 8 points of locking, it ensures your home is kept safe and secure. These Doors are not only PAS:24 2016 compliant but are also Secured by Design accredited too.

Origin Secured Doors
Bespoke to you…

Origin Doors play a leading role, they contribute to your homes overall character. So, it’s right that you choose what comes together to make your finished door. All Origin products are completely bespoke for you.

The Overall size, its Configuration, the Colour (most Origin doors can be dual coloured, so while the external colour can vibrant, the interior colour can complement your internal colour scheme) the Handles, Accessories colour and finish too.

Origin Bespoke Corner Doors
Up to a 20-Year Guarantee…

5 Star’s own lifetime guarantee is supported by Origin’s own Guarantee. Origin’s desired perfection is everything from manufacturing the highest quality products to delivering on time, in full, every time. Up to a 20-Year Guarantee…Uncompromising quality control, finely tuned components, precision engineering and exceptional craftsmanship all combine to enable Origin to offer a guarantee of up to 20-years across the whole product range for complete peace of mind.*

*Guarantee based on where the products are installed.

Origin Golden Oak Door
Colours to suit your lifestyle…

Colours to Suit You! Origin doors are so bespoke, however, the biggest choice, is their colour range. They offer over 150 different RAL colours for you to choose from.

Your options are almost endless including any colour of the rainbow, plus black and white, to metallic and even pastel shades, whatever you’re after, Origin guarantee to have a colour for you to work with.

Why choose aluminium...

When looking to invest in a new door, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is what material to choose? Aluminium is Origin’s material of choice for all its doors. Why Aluminium? It’s strong, physically secure and able to be made in large panel sizes with slimmer sightlines and offer an extensive range of colour and woodgrain options.

Aluminium weighs 67% less than steel yet carries a lot of its strength properties. This means that it can create lighter and easier to operate doors and can be made in complex configurations (such as corner bi-folds) without compromising on performance or security.

Premium Aluminium
Warm in winter, cool in the summer...

Gone are the days of draughty doors and windows with Origin. Origins in-house Research and Development team have designed the Origin Home range to have thermal polyamide breaks, these have been designed to limit the heat transfer from one side to the other. This, along with some of the most sophisticated weathertight seals, ensure the elements stay out.

For year-round use, Origin doors and windows are designed to ensure less heat enters the home during the summer months yet won’t escape in the winter. This will help reduce your energy bills. Origin exceed British Building Regulation requirements for optimal thermal efficiency across all the range.

Thermal Efficient Origin Doors
Doors with low maintenance...

Origin Doors laugh at time consuming and complicated maintenance. Origin Doors precision driven design and engineering is something timber and UPVC just can’t measure up to, as they can’t maintain alignment over their lifetime, so will require adjustment. However, Origins high-grade aluminium retains a consistent shape, barely contracting or expanding, whatever the weather.

It’s guaranteed to offer the right combination of strength and weight which will work perfectly for decades to come. Its brilliant finish removes the need for painting and demanding maintenance, so you can relax, knowing there’s one less thing to worry about.

Origin Door Maintenance
Not all Aluminium is the same...

Origin Doors aluminium is exclusively of a premium grade. This means that it’s not made up from re-melting scraps, which gives it a better overall finish. It’s smooth to the touch and visually flawless to look at.

Given aluminium’s innate strength and durability, it makes it resilient against flexing, warping and corroding in differing weather conditions, which is just one of the many reasons why we’re confident in offering you a guarantee’s for 20 years.

As Origin doors features a powder coated finish, meaning no painting and demanding maintenance are required, so you can relax, knowing it’s one less thing to worry about.

Origin Doors - 20 Year Guarantee


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