The guarantee that you get with a replacement roof is just as impressive as the product itself as it lasts for 20 years. This is double the industry standard and tells you that the roof is built and designed to last.


You’re making a big commitment when buying a new conservatory roof and must consider the big difference it will make to the structure. Think it through carefully and don’t make any hasty decisions.

Some companies do not provide a warrantee with their replacement roofs, while the guarantees given out by certain roofing specialists are not insurance backed. 5 Star’s guarantee is insurance backed and lasts for 20 years and that’s because our roofing systems are expertly designed and manufactured. The materials and components that we use to build our roofs are amongst the best you can get, so we know that they will last for the next 20 years or more.

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We are very environmentally conscious, and our 20-year guarantee is confirmation of that. 5 Star’s Environmental Policy revolves around reducing over consumption and carbon emissions, and to achieve that, it’s imperative that our roofing products last for a lifetime.

It’s likely that you will only ever buy a replacement conservatory roof once and it takes a strong financial commitment to secure the product. So why settle for anything less than a 20-year guarantee? Over two decades, the roof will pay for itself through the energy savings you make from its presence.

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