An Extreme Solid Core Door will be an imposing and impressive entrance at your home…

The Extreme Solid Core Door really is unlike any other composite door, possessing no less than sixteen layers of laminated timber inside an immensely tough 48mm solid core. This makes an Extreme Solid Core remarkably strong and vastly reduces the threat of a break-in occurring. It incorporates everything you need in a contemporary door, including a host of unique features.

automatically engage when it’s closed, guaranteeing you robust compression. Not only does this ensure that drafts are kept out, but it also helps to keep your home out of the clutches of thieves.

Extreme Solid Core Door

Appropriately for a door with 16 layers of laminated timber, the Extreme Solid Core range includes 16 exclusive designs, and they can be finished in 22 fantastic colours. We also have a fine selection of hardware and accessories for the collection. The biggest peace of mind it will offer is the presence of the Auto-Engage lock and Snap-Secure cylinder within the design, helping keep your family safe.

Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door
Solid Core Door features

The strength of an Extreme Solid Core Door easily exceeds the durability of a standard composite door as it has a range of robust features that you won’t find in traditional composites.

We can adapt the door specifically for your home as you want your new entrance to look good in its surroundings and in no way out of place. However, it needs to be modified, 5 Star will make the necessary adjustments so that it enhances your home’s aesthetics.

Solid Core Doors

Extreme Auto-Engage Lock

High-security multi point lock which engages automatically upon closing so no need to lift the handle to engage your door, which means no more draughts or cold spots.

Extreme Security

Exclusive snap secure technology with lockdown mode keeps intruders out, even when the key is in the lock. Multi point locking system with two additional shootbolts located at the top and bottom of the door for unrivalled security.

Extreme Strength

The interlocked sixteen layers of laminated timber make up 48mm of the Extreme Solid Core Door with multi directional grain. This means the has core has increased strength and rigidity.

Extreme Hardware

The Extreme hardware comes in a range of colours to suit your home; they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes. Including letterboxes, knockers and handles in a variety of colours to suit your home.

Extreme Glass

Available with a wide range of glazing styles, including obscure and decorative glass.
Compromise-free delivery...

A total of 16 layers of laminated timber makes up the design, and it has that unique 48mm solid core.

You don’t want home security to be a lingering concern for you and others in your family, and it won’t need to be when you have an Extreme Solid Core Door protecting your property. We take security seriously and so should you.

Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door


You can get incredibly creative with your Extreme Solid Core Door. If you’re a fan of the modern look, you will probably be taken with one of our slender aluminium-like designs, which you can team with a fashionable stainless steel bar handle. Our classic and cottage styles will also likely meet with your approval.

The furniture is a pivotal feature...

When choosing a handle, you want to select a design that complements the character of your Extreme Solid Core Door. Our handles are versatile and give you an opportunity to personalise the door.

We think you will be pleasantly surprised by quite how many handle options there are for this outstanding product range – it includes simple and eccentric offerings.

Use our hardware options and accessories to complete the design...

Make your Extreme Solid Core Door look the part and practical with the use of our classic hardware, available in a string of colours. To complement the hardware, select a matching letterplate and urn-style door knocker. Looking for extra security and some extra pizazz? You want to add our brushed silver Slam-Shut hardware to the door. You can have either a bow or bar handle (in a variety of bar lengths) for a luxurious look, or the alternative is our cottage-style cylinder pull, a more traditional type of handle.