Yale SensCheck™ compatible.

5 Star have taken a huge step into the future to offer Yale SensCheck™ compatible locking solutions on almost every window and door they fit – it’s a new level of home security, smart frames, it’s tomorrow’s technology today!

SECURITY - Ordering smart Windows and smart doors

People choose new windows and doors for many reasons, including better insulation, fantastic aesthetics, lower maintenance, improved soundproofing and primarily to upgrade security. Most window systems fit part of the bill, more or less. 5 Star’s range has always offered superior advanced profiles, quality fitting, clever glass, tough hardware, and more, but today 5 Star are delighted to announce their new highest ever level of security. This is an industry-leading, game changer for 2024…5 Star are Yale SensCheck™ compatible!

Smart windows and smart doors.

Yale SensCheck™ Introduction video...

Find out more about our fully reporting Yale SensCheck™ smart windows and smart doors. Available now on a wide range of 5 Star’s smart UPVC windows and smart doors. Most window companies won’t offer Yale SensCheck™ in 2024! We have smart frames now!

  • Relax – smart frames
  • Know more – smart frames
  • Live online reporting – smart frames
  • Sleep easy – smart frames
  • Worry free – smart frames
Why did 5 Star choose Yale SensCheck™?

Yale is the UK’s most recognised and trusted name in the locking industry and have protected homes, families, and belongings for over 180 years – Trusted every day. Yale are at the forefront of product design and their Yale SensCheck™ smart system, giving you smart frame technology which integrates with the world’s most highly recognised smart home network providers including Google Home, Philips Hue, and Amazon’s Alexa. Yale and 5 Star give you smart frames.

A Couple With Young Child Visiting Our Worcester Showroom
Showroom People Inner 12 Yale Senscheck™
Yale Senscheck Sensor Showing On Edge Of Open White Composite Door

Yale SensCheck™ Window sensor video...

All our UPVC Extreme and UPVC Flush Casement Envisage smart windows, (except tilt and turn and sliding sash) are now available Yale SensCheck™ ready. Make certain you get Yale SensCheck™ ready, tomorrow’s window technology today!

Relax – Geofenced.

Stress Free – Smart window frames

Live online reporting – Smart hub to smart device.

Don’t worry, know! – Smart window frame that communicate with you!

Yale SensCheck - No wires, cords, or plugs.

All 5 Stars Yale SensCheck™ compatible smart windows and smart doors will be fitted without the need for any wires, cords, or plugs, making them really clever, smart frames. The Yale hub, which is a smart hub links connectivity. Communicate with the smart hub via a free Apple and Android App that will quickly be positioned on your smart device (mobile phone, tablet etc) with your most valued, most used, and trusted Apps.

5 Star give you even more reason to love being at home.

Yale Logo - Yale In Black Text On Bright Yellow Circle.


Many front, back, UPVC and French doors are now available Yale SensCheck™ ready. Make certain you get Yale SensCheck™ ready, tomorrow’s door technology today!

Relax – Geofenced to remind you.

Stress Free – Smart windows link with home hub easily.

Live online reporting – Know your smart door status.

Don’t worry, know! – Your smart doors will communicate with you.

Yale SensCheck™ compatible to put your mind at ease.

Have you ever thought as you walked or drove away from home ‘Did I lock my back door?’ ‘Did I close my bedroom window?’ Have you ever lay on the beach and wondered ‘Did we lock all the doors and windows?’ Have you ever been at work and thought ‘I wonder if the kids are home yet?’ just check your smart Yale Home App on your device, linking to your smart doors and smart window frames, from anywhere at any time, for an immediate status update.

5 Star are FENSA approved Installers.

Yale Senscheck Lifestyle Product Stills 149 Inner Yale Senscheck™
5011802307087 01I Bq Inner Yale Senscheck™
Yale Senscheck Hub With Glowing Blue Light
Yale SensCheck - Smart Security ready.

You might not know you’re ready, but your smart windows and smart doors will be installed fully compatible with Yale SensCheck™ sensors that you, or 5 Star, can quickly and simply fit, putting you in total control of your home security.

You’ll be able to monitor your smart windows and smart doors, from anywhere via your smart hub and smart device. You can check or receive notifications on status; open, closed, locked or night vent locked and get tamper alerts to your smart device whenever you’re connected.

Yale Senscheck Smart Sensor Point On Open Window
Yale SensCheck options...

Your new smart windows and smart doors will be Yale SensCheck™ compatible from the point of installation or at any time after installation. If you choose to take advantage of the App and all the additional features, you will require a Yale Home Hub.

If you already own a Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm, then a Yale smart Home Hub is not required. In the future, you can expand your smart home network, choosing from up to 40 alarm accessories.

Accessories include...

• Yale SensCheck External Siren
• Yale SensCheck Motion Detectors
• Yale SensCheck Smoke Detectors
• Yale SensCheck Remote Key Fob
• Yale SensCheck Pet-Friendly Motion Detectors
• Yale SensCheck Smart Plugs
• Yale SensCheck Dummy Alarm Box
• Yale SensCheck Wi-Fi Security Cameras Indoors and Outdoors
• Yale SensCheck Floodlights
• Yale SensCheck Smart Safe
• Yale SensCheck Panic Button

Visit Yale to find out more…

SensCheck hub + 2 window-sensors

SensCheck hub + 1 door-sensor

SensCheck window sensors x 2

SensCheck door sensor x 1

Yale Senscheck Sensor Close Up Photo Showing Qr Code And Where Batteries Fit
Yale SensCheck™ from our Trade Counter

For self-build projects 5 Star can supply you with all required materials, made to measure, Yale SensCheck or standard windows, doors, including cladding, and bespoke made to fit roofs from our own surveyed measurements. Just ask at the 5 Star trade counter, Hoo Farm Industrial Estate, Arthur Dr, Kidderminster DY11 7RA. Telephone them on 01562 814 686

Doors - Triple protection, triple security, and a double guarantee.

The Yale Multipoint door locks offer the best in strength and resilience for almost all our UPVC and composite doors. Its unique hook and bolt locking points ensure the ultimate in security. Designed, developed, and tested in the UK to Yale’s rigorous standards to deliver perfect performing security, and total ease of use. At 5 Star we offer a 20-year guarantee because our products are designed, manufactured, and fitted to last, furthermore they are secured by a company who’ve been making locks since the mid-1800s.

Yale Senscheck App On Mobile Phone With A Ladies Finger Pointing At The Screen
Yale SensCheck - BSI IoT Kitemark and Secured by Design’s Secured Connected Accreditation.

Sometimes in life, when making big decisions, it’s good to know that the products you are choosing, have had the most vigorous prior testing, Functionality performance and safety tests, Interoperability between devices and the internet, security testing, and scanning for vulnerabilities, it’s all been done for you! Connecting to your home internet shouldn’t be taken lightly, cyber criminals want untested technology to find loopholes in to your data and information – you can trust Yale SensCheck, trust Secured by Design, ISO 9001, BSI Internet of Things (IoT).

Yale Senscheck Sensor Showing On Edge Of Open White Composite Door
Yale SensCheck™ maximum window security.

A shootbolt window lock with maximum security, ease of operation, and adjustable mushroom cams. Yale SensCheck is compatible with almost all 5 Star’s UPVC windows.  Creates a night vent feature when the window is in the partially open position – Yale SensCheck – check the Yale Home App to know the status of your smart windows, open, closed, night vent.  Protected 5 Star’s 20-year guarantee, no one offers more safety and security guaranteed.

5 Star Windows Fitting Double Glazing In Herefordshire
Yale SensCheck™ in our Showrooms.

For 2024, 5 Star are updating its showrooms in Worcester and Kidderminster to showcase its Yale SensCheck™ compatible smart windows and smart doors. You can enjoy a demonstration within our showroom environment to showcase all the smart frame technology in action. Find out why this is such a game changer and why your doors and windows need to be Yale SensCheck™.

Eclipse Aluminium French Windows
Ask a 5 Star Designer.

5 Star have a team of Designers who are happy to meet with you in one of their showrooms, or in the comfort of your own home to discuss Yale SensCheck or any aspect of upgrading your doors and windows. You probably buy windows and doors only once or twice in a lifetime, they do it every day. Trust a 5 Star Designer to guide you through all your options.

A Lady Opening A Display Front Door In One Of Our 5 Star Showrooms


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Future-Proof - Advanced Technology - Next Generation Windows and Doors.

Yale SensCheck™ Ready Windows & Doors… Find out more today about our Yale SensCheck™ ready windows and doors which are available now from 5 Star. This is tomorrow’s technology, today. See on your smart device, via a Yale hub, from anywhere online, if your windows and doors are open, closed, vented or locked.

Yale Senscheck Sensor Showing On Edge Of Open White Composite Door

Sensor ready composite doors…

See open, closed or locked on your smart device from anywhere when online.

Yale Senscheck Smart Sensor Point On Open Window

Window locking upgraded to sensor ready.

Sensors are small and discreet. See vented, open or closed.

Yale Senscheck Sensor Close Up Photo Showing Qr Code And Where Batteries Fit

Sensors are simply fitted.

No cords or cables and report Via a free Apple or Android App.

Yale Senscheck Lifestyle Product Stills 158 Inner Yale Senscheck™

Clever Door sensors.

Easily fitted sensors sit securely inside the slab of the door. Online reporting instant.

Yale Senscheck Hub With Glowing Blue Light

Your Yale Home Hub.

Monitored via a Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm or a Yale Home Hub.

Yale Senscheck App Open On A Mobile Phone

Did I lock that door or close that window?

Never worry again, check your homes status quickly and easily online.