5 Star are now the Midlands Agents for the superb, world beating range of Passion Spas – Swimspas, Jacuzzi, Spas, and Hot Tubs.

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Our massive trade warehouse, (not normally open to the public), is one of the biggest in Europe, and displays over 300 Swimspas, Spas, Jacuzzi and Hot Tubs, with working models and innovative products and so much more. 5 Star is your golden access key to gain entry today, as a trade customer and take advantage of our trade savings.

Sports Swimspa


Exploring the Swimspa Sport Collections will help you decide how important the versatility of the model you choose will need to be. Try before you buy at our massive trade warehouse.

Fitness Swimspa


Fitness Swimspas offer more…Resistant Cords, Swim-Assist Tether System and Rowing Exercise will take your fitness training to a new level. Though this Swimspa is still a big contender in our next Swimspa awards.

Passion Turbine SwimSpas


The Turbine collection are big swimming spas, serious contenders. These Swimspas have swim training systems, to improve your swimming skills through resistance.

Pure Passion Spa


A fantastic range of Spas designed for durability and comfort. If space or money is at a premium, then this is a superb range to tempt you. Spa lovers will enjoy the Pure Collection.

Signature Passion Spa


This is our biggest collection, and it is our most popular range, from a 2-person balcony model to 7-seater Joy, Signature is so good, you will not be able to wait to get signed up!

Exclusive Passion Spas


It is called Exclusive because they are, however, they are not called Expensive because they are not! These are incredibly special Spas packed with features which extend an Exclusive experience.

Modern Passion Spa


Highly innovative and contemporary, these extraordinarily attractive Spas, with cubelike layout and linear style must be considered.

Grizzly Passion Spa


5 Specially Selected Spas in special Guest range, indestructible quality, 30-69 jets, ultra-efficient cabinet insulation and offering excellent value for money you better add this to your list.

Ice Baths - Wim Hof Ice Man


Transform your life, your health, your mood. The benefits of an Ice bath are extreme – The Wim Hof method.



Our Passion Spas range offers the most advanced spa massage features. Each Passion Spa has a assortment of massage features that will create the best in hydrotherapy relaxation relief. With almost thirty years’ experience, collaborating with physiotherapists, Passion have developed a host of massage experiences that are unique to Passion Spas and envied by the competition.

Aqua Rolling Massage™

Passion Spas exclusive Aqua Rolling Massage™ system pushes water up the back of the seat through individually designed recesses in the spa shell. The resulting water agitation creates a vigorous massage focusing on your back muscles.

Intense Therapy Zone™

Passion Spas Intense Therapy Zone™ provides a highly focused, powerful massage to the lower regions of your back. With Passion Spas unique therapy system, you can adjust the intensity directed at your lower back muscles, allowing you to isolate specific areas, with the intensity of massage you control.

Levitation Bed™

Lying face down or face up, you will enjoy an amazing, full head to toe massage experience. Passion Spas Levitation bed™ is the most advanced spa massage feature. You are in control of the intensity and effect and will love a floating sensation with your body completely wrapped in a soothing, energising massage.

Neck Relief Massage™

Passion Spas Neck Relief Massage™ is a new spa therapy which focuses on your neck muscles, massaging from top to bottom. Your soothed neck muscles will love this warm water therapy. This massage technique improves blood circulation, oozes positivity, and initiates an energy boost.

Waterfall Massage™

Passion Spas Waterfall Massage™ system creates a continuous stream of cascading, warm water gently falling onto your neck and shoulders, you will experience its delightful effects enabling you to exit the spa with your upper back and neck feeling relaxed like never before.

Therapy Wave Zone™

Passion Spas Therapy Wave Zone™ is a revolving moving massage, starting at your lower back, then slowly working up to your shoulders and neck. The sensation feels like a cushioned rolling pin gently running up and down your back, gently comforting your muscles as it travels across your body.

Synergy Water Purification System - Amazingly clear water.

Passion Spas multi-talented purification system helps keep your water clear and reduces the need for extra sanitation and maintenance. The dedicated filtration pump draws water through the spas’ filter, whether the massage pumps are working or not.

The water is cleaned by our highly effective Ozone System, and in our Signature and Exclusive Collections, water is further purified with our UV sanitation system.

Passion Spas from 5 Star
Formidable spa design with outstanding seating comfort

Passion Spas passion, is to design great spas. They ensure every detail of the spa adds to your comfort and creates the perfect relaxation experience. The spa shells are attractive and functional, providing the perfect locations for lighting, jets, and other features.

Controls are always within easy reach, seat contours and depths provide exceptional comfort, and there is unbelievable choice of seating options. Beautiful waterfalls, LED lighting, and aromatherapy are amongst the features included to spoil you. Your own Passion Spa will deliver to your home the ultimate spa experience.

Passion Spas from 5 Star
Precision Engineering

Passion Spas perform and are built to last. Quality parts and careful manufacturing combine to create the best value and hard-wearing spas available anywhere. Our reenforced acrylic shells, with hand applied vinyl-ester resin laminates, supported by our durable synthetic structures, ensures you can enjoy your spa for years to come.

The structural integrity and seat support comes from below with our enclosed base and Everlast synthetic floor design. Passion Spas deliver superior performance, through design and quality, built by experienced craftsman.

Precision Engineered Spas & Swimspas