Stunning Replacement Conservatory Roofs

5 Star offer every option for Replacement Conservatory Roofs. Glass roof replacements, tiled roof options, hybrid glass and lightweight tile roof options.

Revitalise your conservatory with one of our Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Many people suffer with older conservatories which are just too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. This is because older conservatory roofs were often single glazed or poorly insulated double glazed glass or thin polycarbonate. Replacement Conservatory Roofs are a far less expensive option than a brand-new conservatory or extension which can prove expensive, so that’s why we offer fantastic replacement conservatory roofs and conservatory upgrades and conversions. By replacing an old glass or plastic roof with a new insulated roof you can transform the appearance of your conservatory and increase how often it is used and open it up to give you an expansive living space.

Grey Conservatory Roof Detail

THE FINEST Replacement Conservatory Roofs IN WORCESTERSHIRE

It’s no good having a living space you rarely get to use because it’s poorly insulated. To solve this predicament, you need to check out our Replacement Conservatory Roofs, our lightweight solid tiled roofs or insulated glass roofs. Both roof types will re-establish warmth in the design, so they can be relied upon.

Replacement Glass Roofs

Replacement Conservatory Roofs - GLASS OPTIONS

All our traditional replacement conservatory roofs have intelligent glass which helps to make living spaces all year-round destinations. The glass does a fantastic job of keeping excess warmth out in the summer and retaining heat during the winter.

Replacement Tiled Roofs

Replacement Conservatory Roofs - TILED OPTIONS.

To draw light from the outside into your living space, just ask for roof glass windows to be integrated into your lightweight tiled roof. It’s easily customised into any of our replacement conservatory roofs.

Flat Roof Extensions

Replacement Conservatory Roofs - FLAT ROOFS & SKYLIGHT OPTIONS

Who doesn’t love modern, clean lines? That’s what you get with a flat roof, which can come with flat skylights. Replacement conservatory roofs don’t have to be like for like, if you fancy a complete roof system change let’s explore the options together.

Black UPVC Conservatory


We do all styles of replacement conservatory roofs including the atrium roof or lantern roof which always makes for a very arresting sight in a living space extension and gives you a great aerial view.


Considering our Replacement Conservatory Roofs?

When it comes to Replacement Conservatory Roofs,
there are lots of important questions to ask.
  • Do your Replacement Conservatory Roofs have a mixture of glass and solid roof panels? – YES, to make your conservatory more of a single storey extension we can mix glass with lightweight highly insulated tiled roof panels. The glass panels allow light to flood into the room and adjoining rooms.
  • While fitting Replacement Conservatory Roofs can you upgrade my conservatories doors and windows ? YES, we call these top hat replacements, you can upgrade as much as you want even changing the shape or base size.
  • Will our foundations carry the weight? Depending on what your existing roof is made of we may need to trial dig next to your existing footing to make certain, but don’t worry there are lots of thermally efficient lightweight options available.
  • What about changing plumbing or electrics? Yes, let us know and we will quote for all trades including plastering.
Replacement conservatory rooms come in a multitude of styles, this is an internal view of a white framed roof with a full lighting pelmet.

stylish lighting pelmets

An additional way we insulate our Replacement Conservatory Roofs is with optional, trendy, and stylish lighting pelmets. These pelmets can be packed with insulation reducing the contact area between the living space and the internal glass roof. This reduces heating cost and gives your new living space a fantastic wow factor.

Black UPVC Conservatory


5 Star are so confident in the Replacement Conservatory Roofs they sell that they offer a comprehensive 20 year guarantee with every new roof fitted. For total peace of mind a 10 year Insurance backed guarantee is included, where 5 Star pay the policy, issued by the CPA – the Consumer Protection Association.

Glass Roof Conservatory


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