PURE – Free of flaws or imperfections. PURE SPA – This range of spas are the entry level to our superb range – yet nothing about PURE is entry level.


Which of the PURE Spas Collection suits you?


The Dream is a one-piece shaped spa that is built for strength and relaxation. The soft, pleasing contours of the Dream are great looking and functional, creating relaxing seating for up to 5 people. Like all Passion Spas, the Dream provides excellent performance, allowing you to enjoy your spa time immersed in relaxation.

Dream 7 Pure Collection Spa


Renew is a spa for small spaces. This 3-person spa offers maximum relaxation and performance in a small spa. You can sit or recline in seats ergonomically built for maximum relaxation. Passion Spas high-performance massage jets can be adjusted to create your own personal massage experience. Every jet performs a specific hydrotherapy function for fantastic relaxation and therapeutic benefit.

Renew Pure Collection Spa


The new Recharge spa is classically styled and circularly shaped for up to 5 people. The seats have been moulded by Passion Spas Design Team to aid relaxation and offer room for people of different body heights as well as several massage therapies. The Recharge features Passion Spas moulded base, synthetic frame, and a thick acrylic laminated shell; everything needed to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. The Recharge also comes with our exclusive Hybrid Heating™, a unique innovation that uses water flow to generate friction heat, making your spa energy efficient for years to come.

Recharge Pure Collection Spa


The corner bucket seat in the Refresh Spa has been upgraded with rotational jets. These enhance the hydro experience, massaging key muscles in the back and energising the tissue. The other corner seat has been updated with an adjustable vibrating massage jet, providing a different type of massage therapy. Passion Spas collaborated with the recliner industry to make the ultimate in lumbar support and relaxation, which has led to an improvement in the lounge seat. Small AquaRolling jets have been installed in the leg contours of the loungers, creating a massage that stimulates circulation in the direction of the heart. Of course, the many features you have come to appreciate in the Refresh Spa remain, these include Hybrid Heating™, Energy Efficient Filtration Pump, BioLok, Ozone Sanitation, Aromatherapy, and so much more.

Refresh Pure Collection Spa


Three bucket seats and two full-size loungers, make Relax an ideal choice for spending time with family and friends. The loungers have additional lumbar support and different heights to accommodate everyone to use. Passion Spas created with designers from the recliner industry to make this comfy design. Adjustable jets allow you to control the intensity of your hydrotherapy experience, and the unit also features an Ozone Sanitation System for exceptional water quality. The Relax Spa is the cost-effective, energy effective, high-performance spa, a great investment for ultimate relaxation.

Relax Pure Collection Spa


The Rewind is a spa free from barriers, that has been created, at our customers request, for a spa that has full seating and freedom of movement. As you can see, it is “mission accomplished,” as the Rewind is spacious, with 85 cm height, yet retains all the Passion Spa’s massage and therapy functions.  In addition to 56 high-performance massage jets, the Rewind includes Hybrid Heating™, Led Lights, BioLok, Energy Efficient Filtration Pump, Ozone Generation, Aromatherapy, Soft Air Massage System, Walk-on Cover, and soft head rests… the best of the Pure Collection!

Rewind Pure Collection Spa


The Repose features three ergonomic loungers, in different sizes to accommodate people of different heights. Each lounger offers exceptional lumbar support for ultimate relaxation and comfort. All Passion Spa are energy efficient due to our triple insulation and energy efficient pumps. Additionally, every spa comes with our Hybrid Heating™, a unique innovation that captures water friction from the pumps and converts it to heat. Passion Spas are the ultimate in relaxation and energy efficiency.

Repose Pure Collection Spa


Simply click on the images below to download the specifications and special features including water systems, pump information and electrical systems.
Dream 7 Pure Collection Spa

Dream 7

208 x 208 x 76 cm
20 Jets
Starbrite Interior Led Light System

Renew Pure Collection Spa


208 x 155 x 83 cm
40 Jets
Starbrite Interior Led Light System

Recharge Pure Collection Spa


Ø 200 x 85 cm
60 Jets
Starbrite Interior Led Light System


204 x 204 x 85 cm
50 Jets
Starbrite Interior Led Light System


204 x 204 x 85 cm
36 Jets
Starbrite Interior Led Light System


204 x 204 x 85 cm
56 Jets
Starbrite Interior Led Light System

Repose Pure Collection Spa


254 x 204 x 85 cm
60 Jets
Starbrite Interior Led Light System


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