Complete with solar control glazing, our replacement glass roofs are immensely thermally efficient, strong and resilient – they won’t let you down.
Considering your replacement glass roof?

When it comes to replacement glass roofs, there are lots of important questions to ask.

  • Can we have a mixture of glass and solid roof panels? – YES, to make a conservatory more of a single storey extension we can mix glass with lightweight highly insulated tiled roof panels. The glass panels allow light to flood into the room and adjoining rooms.
  • Will our foundations carry the weight? Depending on what your existing roof is made of, we may need to trial dig next to your existing footing to make certain, but don’t worry there are lots of lightweight options available.
  • Can we change our conservatories doors or windows at the same time? YES, we call these top hat replacements, you can upgrade as much as you want even changing the shape or size.
  • What about changing plumbing or electrics? Yes, let us know and we will quote for all trades including plastering.
Ultrasky Lantern Roof Orangery In Hallow, Worcester

Replacement Glass Roofs - All the options.

If you’ve got a conservatory that’s not giving you the all year round living space you require, we will update it to a home office, kitchen extension, open plan living. Whatever space you require we will upgrade your existing space magically…

5 Star are Ultraframe ULTRA INSTALLERS.

Grey Conservatory Roof Detail
Replacement glass roofs make your living space feel brand-new again

Old polycarbonate and original glass roofs are now very much a thing of the past. The installation of  replacement glass roofs will help to reduce heat loss, with the solar control glazing doing its bit to get the temperature well regulated so that you reduce coldness in the space or overheating.

It has weatherproofing technology, so external conditions will have less influence on the internal feel of your conservatory. So that you don’t have to go to the trouble of cleaning the roof, request self-cleaning or easy-clean glass.

Replacement Glass Roofs
Quieter Replacement glass roofs.

When you order replacement glass roofs from 5 Star, you are assured of a sophisticated covering that really makes your conservatory look the part. What you will particularly love about it is the gorgeous view it gives you of the world above, something to immerse yourself in.

What was previously quite a lifeless space, will be transformed into a space that feels reenergised. Modern thermally advanced double glazed replacement roofs are so much quieter too.

Replacement Glass Roofs
Fast and efficient glass replacement roofs.

Rest assured that our replacement glass roofs all comply with the relevant manufacturing standards and are also scrupulously inspected by our own team of roofing experts.

Very little disruption will be caused at your home while the roofing system is being installed, and all our builders and fitters are vetted to ensure they have the necessary skillset to install the product.

5 Star has a reputation for smooth and stress-free installations.

Glass Roof Conservatory
Glass Roof Conservatory
Replacement glass roofs ‘Intelligent’ glazing is a key ingredient...

Clear Glass for Replacement glass roofs – Our clear glass contains a neutral tint that promotes light transmission and offers greater solar reflection than a coloured tint. We tend to use clear glass a lot for north-facing conservatories as they draw in lots of external lights and warmth. The U-value of a clear glass roof is 1.0 W/m²K and it will therefore keep in lots of heat to keep you nice and cosy.

Aqua Glass for Replacement glass roofs – Aqua glass is a nice and pleasant touch. There is the smallest hint of green in our aqua glass and this neat tint helps to prevent excess glare from the sun spoiling your view. As it is a self-cleaning glass it can look after itself and is capable of reflecting up to 72% of the sun’s heat away. It will keep warmth in too thanks to its U-value of 1.2 W/m²K.

Blue Glass for Replacement glass roofs– Blue glass adds an extra emphasis on the sky with blue tinted glass. Blue glass performs impressively in terms of solar heat reflection as it can reflect away up to 62% of the sun’s heat and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to light transmission either. It’s a well-rounded product.

Bronze Glass for Replacement glass roofs – It may be called bronze glass but it doesn’t trail behind other roof glass solutions. There are better performing glasses in terms of solar heat reflection but our bronze glass is exceptionally good for light transmission if you want to be assured of a well-insulated conservatory.

Celsius Glass for Replacement glass roofs – Celsius is our premium glass range. There are two separate products in our Celsius Glass range – Celsius One and Celsius One. They cannot be beaten for solar heat reflection and their brilliantly low U-values. Both Celsius One and Celsius Elite have a deeper blue-tint than our conventional blue-tinted glass and will add a lot of beauty to your extension.


For self-build replacement glass roofs 5 Star can supply you with any required specialist materials including cladding, windows, doors, and bespoke made to fit replacement glass roofs from our own surveyed measurements. Just ask at the 5 Star trade counter. Visit our Trade  website for more information.

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