Trickle Vents.

Trickle vents allow fresh air to circulate letting polluted stale and damp air out. They give permanent low-level ventilation, and even when closed they improve the quality of air in a room.
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Trickle Vents reduce condensation, help prevent mould, and improve energy efficiency.

Better-insulated houses with new windows and doors, have improved so much that homes are no longer naturally ventilated. This means pollutants can build up, along with condensation and mould. Trickle vents improve airflow and reduce pollutants creating a healthier environment.

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When did Trickle Vents become law?

Approved Document F came into effect on the 15th of June 2022 in England and on the 23rd of November 2022 in Wales. All window and door installations from that date must comply with the new building regulations regarding trickle vents. These regulations cover all areas where 5 Star install windows and doors including the Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire.

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Trickle Vents Above An Open Flush Casement Window The Trickle Vent Is In Window Frame Above
A White Upvc French Window Set Into Cotswold Stone Wall With Square Lead And A Central Trickle Vent
The Government Guide about Trickle Vents.

The government produced a guide on ventilation and Trickle Vents in homes and what the new building regulations require, which can be download here.

5 Star are FENSA-approved Installers.

Matching Trickle Vents Above A Gable End Window
Internal View Of Trickle Vents Above A French Door
Trickle Vents In A Flush Casement, Wooden Looking Upvc Window
Trickle Vents Above An Open Flush Casement Window The Trickle Vent Is In Window Frame Above
Trickle Vents - good news or bad news?

Some people love Trickle Vents, others hate them…most don’t even know they have Trickle Vents…so let’s explore some of your most common FAQs.

Can ventilators be installed through a wall instead of installing trickle vents?

Ventilation can be provided through any appropriate means. Installing a background ventilator through a wall that offers the equivalent areas described in Approved Document F, volume 1 can be an acceptable route to compliance, rather than Trickle Vents.

Trickle Vents In A 3 Pane Grey Upvcwindow
Can Trickle Vents save me money?

Yes! Humid damp air costs more to heat than dry air. Good ventilation lowers humidity and saves money on like-for-like heating bills.

When you get into a warm car, with damp clothes, the windows mist up quickly, put the air conditioning on and the windows clear. You’ve lowered the humidity. Trickle Vents do the same job.

An Arched Top Upvc Window With An Opening Vent And Internal Blinds. Above Is A Central Trickle Vent
Can Trickle Vents help reduce mould?

Mould occurs due to condensation created by humid air, a form of fungus. Black spots can appear on the side surfaces of external walls, around windows and doors, in corners and in poorly ventilated spaces, such as behind cupboards and wardrobes. Trickle Vents will improve ventilation and therefore help reduce mould.

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Can Trickle Vents stop damp?

Mould is often the first sign of a damp problem and in many cases fitting Trickle Vents will let a small amount of air circulate the room and reduce or stop the issue.

A Window Split Into 3 Sections With 2 Outside Edge Opening Vents And Two Trickle Vents Equally Spaced Above
Ask a 5 Star Designer about Trickle Vents.

5 Star has a team of Designers who are happy to meet in one of 5 Star showrooms, or in the comfort of your own home to discuss trickle vents or any aspect of upgrading your doors and windows.

Trust a 5 Star Designer to help guide you through all your options.

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Should Trickle Vents be left open in winter?

During the winter, it’s important to consider whether trickle vents should be left open. Trickle vents play a crucial role in allowing controlled ventilation and fresh air into living spaces, effectively refreshing stale air. By keeping your trickle vents open, you can reduce moisture in the air. These vents work by allowing damp air inside to escape to the colder air outside. Following 5 Star’s advice, it’s best to leave them fully open.

Matching Trickle Vents Above A Gable End Window
Should I close Trickle Vents at night?

Trickle Vents and even better your night vents will allow controlled ventilation and fresh air into habitable rooms, freshening the stale air, and reducing moisture.

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Can you retrofit Trickle Vents?

Yes! It is possible to fit Trickle Vents to existing windows and doors. If you are experiencing problems like mould and condensation. Though lining through the position on different windows is very difficult after the event.

A Trickle Vent Above A Window Set In A Cotswold Stone Wall
Do you lose heat through Trickle Vents?

A reduction in the temperature in your home from Trickle Vents is minimal and unnoticeable. If you are concerned about your home feeling cold, it is likely to be the boiler or thermostat being set too low and not your Trickle Vents causing the issue. Damp air is more expensive to heat than dry air, so good ventilation will help.

A Rosewood Window With Trickle Vent Above The Opening Sash
Can Trickle Vents let in noise and draughts?

The airflow through Trickle Vents is so small that very little noise will travel through, and draughts are almost undetectable.

White Upvc Back Door With Matching Side Light And Opening Top Window With Trickle Vent Above
Do Trickle Vents cause condensation?

No, quite the opposite, new doors and windows without Trickle Vents can cause condensation by sealing the room too securely, Trickle Vents give a small low flow of controllable air which helps reduce condensation.

Window With Trickle Vents And Reflection Of 5 Star Van Showing In Window
Do you need to open windows if you have Trickle Vents?

Trickle Vents allow a minimal amount of air circulation, night vents allow significantly more and an open window further. The choice of how much is up to you, but a Trickle Vent provides the absolute minimum required.

Front Bay Window Split Into 10 Sections With Top Trickle Vents
Is there an alternative to Trickle Vents?

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) is a suitable alternative to getting Trickle Vents. It uses heat from outgoing air to warm up any incoming fresh air without compromising the air quality. It’s certainly a much more expensive option.

Small White Upvc Window With Top Opener And Trickle Vent In Opening Sash
How many Trickle Vents should a window have?

To ensure optimal ventilation, it is recommended that smaller windows in small rooms have 1 trickle vent, while larger windows in bedrooms or living rooms should have 2 trickle vents. However, the number of windows and the room size may influence this. Our designers and surveyors are available to assist you in making the right decision.

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Can I block my Trickle Vents?

They are your Trickle Vents and it’s your home, so there is little stopping you from removing the inside cover, filling the holes with silicon, or any filler and replacing the cover. However, 5 Star do not advise blocking Trickle Vents, as simply closing them, takes any airflow to near zero.

White Upvc Window With A Full Width Opening Vent And A Centre Trickle Vent Above
Will Trickle Vents stop mould in the bedroom?

Trickle Vents help reduce the likelihood of condensation by allowing warm, moist air to escape. This is vital in preventing the growth of mould, which can be harmful to both the property and your health. If mould is proving to be an issue, try opening your night vents too.

Internal View Of Trickle Vents Above A French Door
Are there any other options to Trickle Vents?

Yes, the Government document gives guidance on other forms of ventilation including Mechanical extraction. Trickle vents are the lowest cost option but you can explore the full government document of all your options here – or please make an appointment to meet one of our designers.

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Are night vents an option to trickle vents?

Night vents, where a window can be closed slightly ajar, are not an appropriate background ventilation solution. This is because night vents do not provide a constant means of background ventilation when closed as Trickle Vents do.

2 Bedroom Windows In White Upvc With Trickle Vents Fitted
Trickle Vents Specifications and Size Guide.

We offer trickle vents in 3 sizes: Yale 5000mm and 2500mm and Emplass in 4000mm.

Techy stuff – Installation guide, sizes, and maintenance.

A Great Yale Guide – With colours, sizes, advice and more.

Meeting the guidance on ventilation –  A guide to ensuring your windows comply with Approved Document F for air quality

Trickle Vent Specification Inner

Building Control and Trickle Vents

The ultimate control for Trickle Vents is with your local building control department. So please contact your local office for further help or advice.

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