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hup! from Ultraframe - Revolutionary!

It’s taken 7,000 years from the first brick buildings to invent hup! But it’s been well worth waiting for. Ultraframe SIP, Structural Insulated panels, are visually when finished are more appealing than bricks, make extending your home five times more energy efficient than the average home. Extensions can be built five times faster and for the traditionalist can even look like brick! And with this much energy efficiency, more glass can be used making extensions brighter, warmer, and more inviting than ever before. Think BUILD – THINK hup!

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Hup! Conservatory Transformation

Transform your tired old conservatory into a warm, cosy real room. With hup! It’s easy.

Hup! Extension Artists Impression

You can extend faster, warmer and with less hassle. Plus, with five Ultraframe roof systems you get the choice of vaulted, sloped, flat, shaped ceilings.

Hup! Extension Artists Impression Of Xonservatory

Use hup! Technology at the heart of your new hup! conservatory, when energy efficient SIP walls and roofs combine, you’ll get the brightest, warmest, and most comfortable hup! conservatory ever.

Mrs Bell tells of the best decision she's ever made...
  • An amazing hup! transformation
  • Done in no time at all – thanks to the modular build.
  • Mrs Bell – “My life with hup!” – the best thing iv’e ever done!
  • This is such an amazing hup! transformation…it makes buying a hup! such an easy choice.
hup! is Britished designed and manfactured

Hup! Was born and bread in Lancashire and will be constructed throughout Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and the West Midlands by 5 Star.

  • Faster
  • Better
  • Warmer
  • Cooler
Home Extension With Laminate Floor And 2 Flat Ceiling Lights
hup! a better way to build

Once designed hup! Is manufactured to your exact sizes, in the state-of-the-art factory for fast assembly on site, saving months of anguish normally associated with traditional building projects. No mess, disruption or costs spiralling out of control. Hup! Is simply better.

Home Extension From Inside, Furnished With Garden View, Grey Bi Folding Doors To Side And Rear
hup! extension cost

Surprisingly hup! competes with the costs of traditional building prices even though like for like hup! gives 15% bigger room spaces and significantly better insulation that traditional cavity wall construction.

5 Star build both, so we can quote you for both and you can choose. Our quotes are free as are our designer home visits – they are great for ideas and advice.

So, if you are looking for an hup! extension cost, quote and want to compare with traditional builds, you better book an appointment today. Please call 01562 60800 to book an appointment today.

Conservatory Extension From Inside Tastefully Furnished
Advanced Construction
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Designs to Inspire and Impress

Any of our window or door configuration can be incorporated into your hup! Project along with a choice of four roof styles and a visually stunning choice of external finishes including;

– Cladding
– Render
– Brick slips

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hup! Faster to Build

The most modern and innovative build technologies create onsite construction which is faster and less intrusive… up to five times quicker than a traditional build project.

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hup! Five Times More Energy Efficient

With hup!’s exceptional energy performance your new extension will be five times more insulated than an average house. This will give you the ability to reduce your carbon footprint with lower energy bills whilst saving the planet further with a construction method which boasts zero waste manufacturing.

Hup! Limitless Design Icon Finish

hup! – Visually Spectacular!

Whatever exterior finish you chose, your new hup! Will be visually spectacular, versatile, and warm. 5 Star will achieve your desired top-quality addition, without fuss or heart ache.

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Your Project – One Supplier

The 5 Star team will look after you and your hup! project from start to finish. One great team, no strangers, and a fantastic new addition to your home.

Understanding hup! Technology

Revolutionary, modernistic, innovative, groundbreaking… hup! extensions and hup! conservatories are the most futuristic system on the planet… there’s nothing like hup! is industry leading. Five times the energy efficiency and five times faster to build on to your Kidderminster or Worcester home.


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Transform your old conservatory

hup! Can turn your tired old conservatory into a modern, bright, warm, energy efficient hup! extension that feels like it’s an all-year-round extra room in your home.

hup!’s lightweight, energy efficient walls are quick, easy, and cost effective to build onto your existing base.

Upgrade to a high performance ultra-modern glass roof or choose a super-insulated solid roof with huge glass panels letting light flood into the adjoining rooms, whilst transforming the thermal performance of your old conservatory into a 365-day a year favourite room.

With super-insulated SIP walls, your new hup! conservatory or hup! extension will be ultra energy efficient, turning your old conservatory into a modern open plan extension, by removing internal doors and opening the space up to the house beyond.

Conservatory Transformationm White Conservatory Turns Grey And Roof Changes To Half Slate Half Glass
hup! Conservatories

Every hup! conservatory and extension is made from ultra-modern materials that meet the latest Building Regulations standards. The insulated internal pelmet in your conservatory, the high performance roof glass and the super-insulated walls ensure that your hup! extension or conservatory will be more energy efficient as any traditional extension.

Don’t buy a conservatory until you’ve researched a new hup! conservatory. Let light flood into your home, knowing that your new high-performance glazing will make it as energy efficient as it is bright.

Not only will this futuristic coated glazing enhance the warmth of your home, but its properties also prevent any overheating and reduce furniture fading in the brilliant new room below.

Conservatory Extension From Inside Tastefully Furnished
hup! Building a Home Extensions

Do you want a bright sociable open plan room that connects your open plan living space with your garden? Maybe you need a new home office, a dining room that converts into a visitor’s bedroom or playroom overflowing with healthy and stimulating natural light to create the perfect eating, sleeping, learning, or working environment?

With hup! Your options are endless. Your new hup! roof comes with high performance glass rooflights to fill your new room with natural light. Extending your home with hup! Is simple and fast. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of managing architects, builders, and trades, obtaining any required permissions, and no need to worry about going over budget as 5 Star will agree a contract of works, to a fixed budget, and look after every aspect from start to finish.

As well as attached home extensions, hup! is the ideal garden building solution for your home. hup! can create a room detached from your house, situated in your own garden for family members who require their own living space, young adults, and elderly relatives alike, in the privacy of your garden, with hup! Anything is possible.

Home Extension From Inside Looking Into Garden
Extending? Watch Dale's hup! Story!
  • Dale had a “too hot in the summer too cold in the winter old conservatory“.
  • Dale’s conservatory had become a dumping ground.
  • Traditional builds didn’t give Dale what he wanted.
  • Dale wanted a low slopping but not a flat roof.
  • Dale got a lot more than he hoped for with hup!
Ultraframe hup!
key facts & benefits...

“hup! is the most modern rapid build building system created to speed up the build process for house extensions, conservatories, garden rooms and conservatory transformations. Its predictable nature removes fears of a build not being completed on time or spiralling over budget whilst the offsite factory manufacturing methods delivers less mess and far less disruption”.


Hassle free – fast build

Installed by a two men /one team of trained conservatory engineers with virtually no cutting or drilling on site.

More floor space, less wall thickness, more insulation

hup! Is tough. The strong SIP wall is 27% thinner than building regulation compliant traditional brick and block. When completed the finished hup! room can have up to 15% more usable floor space than that of a traditionally built room.

hup! Building regulation compliant

With a U value of 0.17W/m2K hup! ensures compliance with current building regulations. hup! is also pre-approved for use in Conservatories, Extensions and Conservatory transformations by a network of building inspectors with fixed prices for the hup! Projects.

Lightweight build on existing foundations

Significantly less risk for homeowners transforming an existing base. The comparative weight change of materials from a Conservatory to a tiled roof hup! can be as much as 24% less loading onto the existing base.

hup! Stronger than brick and block

hup! SIP walls are tougher than normal walls and can withstand 68% more lateral impact than brick and block. Independent strength testing has been certified by the globally recognised SCI (Steel Construction Institute).

Construct in any weather

hup! Is not weather dependent, so progress to build can be done without forecast consideration – giving you a faster completion. This is achieved through pre-factory configuration, rapid wall and roof connections and the choice of materials. Plus, less waste and disturbance.

Predictable construction period

hup! delivers a more accurate install scheduling. The lead time and on-site erection are highly predictable to ensure your schedules timetable.

Four fantastic roof options

There are four Ultraframe roof options to choose from in almost any size, with wall finishes including cladding, render, brick slips or cladding and any window and door combinations. hup!’s design flexibility ensures we can solve all homeowners’ necessities.

Watertight and secure fast

Pre-manufactured hup! enables the extension to be watertight faster and the internal works started earlier.

Electric cables and services installed fast

Electric cables and services can be installed to the internal SIP using Ultraframe’s cable management system.

Unlimited choice of external finishes

A choice of over a dozen pre-pointed brick finishes is available or alternative a cladding finish including brick slips, render, fibre cement claddings or composites in almost any colour.

BBA approved technology

The Ultrapanel SIP wall and roof technology used to build hup! have been independently evaluated, assessed, and approved by the BBA (British Board of Agrément) – bringing peace of mind to authorities, business owners, installers, and homeowners with regards to performance in relation to five key fundamentals: Thermal, Structural, Condensation Resistance, Durability and Fire.

NHBC assured

The NHBC (the UK’s leading independent provider of warranty and insurance for new-built homes) offers a 10-year construction warranty on new homes made with Ultrapanel – the technology is accredited with the “NHBC Accepts” – delivering peace of mind for hup! as a credible system for building both brand new living spaces and transforming conservatories.

A conservatory for all seasons - Amanda's story!
  • Amanda wanted to extend her kitchen into a warm social space.
  • She wanted a “hassle free, speedy solution“.
  • Amanda wanted to keep her home warm in the winter…but cool in the summer.
  • In her words “the only way is hup!
hup! technology explained

The walls and tiled or flat roof in any hup! extension use advanced Ultrapanel technology.

Patented SIP Ultrapanel Technology

To achieve exceptional insulation, Ultraframe has combined the best of steel framing building technology with timber to achieve incredible results, five times better than the average home.

Accomplishing U-Values of less than 0.17 and as low as 0.12 this achievement is truly groundbreaking when extending homes.

The Front Cover Of A Downloadable Hup Technology Brochure
I-Beam is Amazing, Find Out More…

Imagine futuristic panels which join with an ingenious clip system, to form a mega-strong structure which significantly outperforms traditional construction methods. Guess what? You’re imagining hup!

Ultraframe Hup Construction Of Aluminium, Wood And Sip Achieving Strength, Fast Build Speed With Ultra Thermal Efficiency
Speedy Assembly Details

Building five times faster than traditional construction methods cuts stress, as well as time, and inconvenience. However, the final advantage of hup! Is the perfection of their construction, millimetre accuracy,  with patented wall and roof connections which join without cold spots to build better rooms.

The Cross-Section View Of Hup! Detail With Grey Brick External Cladding, Breathable Membrane And Internal Ultrapanel Technology.
Hup! Takes the Worry out of Building

5 Star will take care of everything from the contract and survey, we can sort any required planning application, hup! complies with building regulations, pass SAP reports, if a build over agreement was needed, we would liaise with Severn Trent, if building over shared sewers. We can carry out all base works, construction, roofing, glazing, finishing including electrics and flooring, we can save you time with modern modular hup! designs. Your contract will itemise everything, or as much as you choose with proven timescales.

An Artist’s Impression Of Ultraframe’s Hup’s Ability To Be Used As A Versatile Room Extension For Dinning, Living, Playroom
How Big? Where? and what Shape?...

hup! will maximise your space, giving you a bigger room over conventional building methods.

Please let a 5 Star Designer help you with your window and doors, styles, colours, and positions. They will work with you to achieve the perfect roof style and ceiling roof light locations. Letting light flood in is important but consideration of the sun’s rays onto tv or computer screens is vital. Internal and external wall finishes are the perfect way to personalise your hup!. For a more traditional build appearance, choose a brick effect finish, for a more contemporary finish choose timber or render, or ultra-modern cladding to give hup ! a futuristic look.

A Brown Hup! Extension With A 380 Glass And Tiled Roof, Bi-Folding Doors. Front Corner Brick Effect Pillars And Full Height Glass Windows.

Personalise Your Design

Choose from a range of internal settings, 5 roof choices and complete with your ideal wall finish.


Indicate you’re interests, give us a few details, and then choose your FREE brochures…