Origin Bi-Folding Doors, are available in OB-49, OB-72 and now the new the Soho OB-36+ simply 49mm, 72mm and 36mm, the frame which surrounds your chosen expanses of glass. Origin Bi-Folding Doors are available in almost any combination to suit every home.

Origin Bi-Folding Doors, simply stunning.

When closed, the Origin bi folding doors OB-49, OB-72, and the new OB 36+ crital (crittall) style bi-folding door systems are visually pleasing, ultra-secure and ultra-thermally efficient. Admired, during opening and closing, they’re an effortless creation of British engineering. Open, there’s absolutely nothing to see, except your vista.

The key differences between the Origin Bi-Folding Doors OB-49, OB -72, and the new Soho Origin Bi-Folding Doors, OB-36+ is that of the frame thickness, which in turn creates the sightlines, the glass-to-glass measurements which are, OB-49 – 110mm and the OB-72 – 154mm and slimmest of them all the new OB-36+ at just 84mm.

Origin Bi-Folding Doors
Looking for Origin Bi Folding Doors? Find an Origin Premier Partner!

Our unbeatable collection of Origin doors and windows offers market-leading aesthetics, quality and value. With a huge choice of Origin Bi Folding doors designs and the new Soho Origin Bi-Folding Doors OB-36+ products all bring the WOW factor to your properties.  5 Star Windows & Conservatories are proud to be an Origin Premium Partner. As Worcestershire Premier Partner, with a vast experience in double and triple glazing, we supply and fit all Origin Bi Folding doors and the new critall style OB-36+ Soho Origin Bi-Folding Doors and French doors, commended for changing spaces and maximising magnificent views and vistas.

Crital Style french doors, zoomed in onto distinct Origin handles and key lock plate.
An Origin Soho Collection OB-36+ Hinge close up showing the detial of the smooth barrel against a powder coated smooth profile.
Origin Premium Partner 2024 logo.

Origin Bi-Folding Doors - Just magical

Origin’s bi-folding doors do better, at what other bi-fold door manufacturers’ bifold doors try to do, they work better, fit better, look better, and feel better. They also give better options, better guarantee, better colours, and better support.

Made in Britain, Origin’s bi-folding doors are also accompanied by our 20 year guarantee.

All Origin bi fold doors are available in double or triple glazing, clear or obscure glass, with lots of options including acoustic for noise reduction and laminated glass for added security.

Origin Bespoke Corner Doors

Thermal efficiency, from Origin.

Are you aware that aluminium is not a naturally thermally efficient material? Which is why Origins in-house research and development team have designed the Origin Home range to have thermal polyamide breaks in. These have been designed to reduce the heat transfer from one side of the unit to the other. This, along with some of the best weathertight seals, ensure the weather stay out. Gone are the days of draughty doors and windows with Origin bi-folding doors.


Origin Aluminium Corner Doors

Warmer in the Winter, Cooler in the Summer…

Origin doors and windows are designed to ensure too much heat doesn’t enter the home during the summer months and that the heat won’t escape in the winter.

Lower U-Values…

The U-Value of a building material measures how effectively it insulates a building, so the lower the U-Value, the better the insulation.

Building Regulations Require, new builds’ doors and windows to have U-Value of 1.6 W/m2K and for replacements, to have a U-Value of 1.4 W/m2K.

Origin exceed British Building Regulations for optimal thermal efficiency across all the range.

Origin Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Origin’s Superb Options – Your Ultimate Choices.

Many lesser bi-folding door manufacturers aren’t only inferior in quality and therefore functionality but there’s also less choice, making your bi-folds options a compromise. Please don’t compromise – Origin and 5 Star has almost your every option and desire covered.

It’s an open and shut case!

When exploring Origin door configuration options, you’ll quickly see why Origin’s bi-folding door are so superior – there’s simply a word of choice. Origin can cover up to a massive 9.4 metres wide with 8 doors and up to 3.025mm high. Individual doors sashes can be manufactured as narrow as 400mm and as wide as 1200mm. You choose how they open and close – if they fold in or out, and which way they slide.

From 5 Star’s perspective, it’s not just that Origin gives you almost any option. It’s that every option, in each system, in every colour, with all thresholds, works perfectly, arrive on time and is supported by Origins world class British factory - It’s an open and shut case.

The answer is YES.

Origin Bi-fold Doors are available in almost any colour, including popular black, white and all the modern greys. Origin can manufacture in over 150 different RAL colours and come with a dual colour option (different inside and out). Origin’s range includes wood-grain colours.

In order to give the Origin Bi-fold Door a flawless finish, Origin aluminium is coated with the highest-grade powder available. Applied using an electrostatic process after a special pre-treatment, it is then cured at 200°C to form a robust coating that is tougher than conventional paint, whilst maintaining a completely smooth surface. Origin doors are resistant to scratches and are unlikely to fade.

You’re in Control.

One of the most important handle options, Origin let’s you consider, is having no handle on the outside, ultimate security if the door is not used as an entry point.

Handles, D handles and Slave handles are available in a choice of finishes, styles and colours. 5 Star can supply most bi-fold orders in Solid Stainless steel when chosen at the time of order. Modern homes tend to choose silver colour while older properties tend to go for a gold or black finish. If you have young children in the house, Stainless-steel handles are a great choice because they require less maintenance, are incredibly durable and are easy to clean. You’ll also want an easy-to-pull handle, so children can use easily.

Secured by Design.

Origin bi-folds are typically much harder to break into than many French doors and sliding doors because they employ a unique eight-point locking system built into the traffic (master) door (5 more locking points than many competitor doors) and have passed PAS23/24 tests. Chamfered 20mm bolts offer smooth operating when engaging, as well as providing maximum compression for security and weather resistance.

Origin bifolds also boast deep throw 25mm security hooks - the deepest position available today. The Origin lock delivers the best in both security and weatherproofing. Origin uses a combination of solid cast Yale security handles with high performance fixing bolts and a British Standards accredited Magnum security cylinder, proven to protect against snapping, picking, drilling and bumping.

Bi-Folding Door Security
Are you on track?

A bi-fold threshold is the track which the door carriage slides in, to open and close. Origin recommends a weathered threshold (also known as a ‘rebated’ threshold), which can be sunk into the floor, it leaves a minimal lip, (just 14mm from outside to in) the seal on the bottom of the bi-fold door compresses against the lip to create a protective weather tight seal.

Non-weathered thresholds offer a flat transition between in and outside. As there is no raised section, however, because the door seal doesn’t have a solid lip to compress against, optimal weather performance is not guaranteed. This type of track is recommended for internal or sheltered areas only.

Origin Doors - Threshold Options
Warmer when its cold, cooler when it’s hot.

Aluminium is not a thermally efficient material, which is why Origin have developed thermal polyamide breaks, designed to limit the heat transfer from outside to in. This, with sophisticated weathertight seals, ensures it’s warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

In real terms, Origin helps reduce your energy bills. The U-Value of doors measure how effectively they insulate, lower U-Value are better. The Building Regulation require doors and windows to have a U-Value of 1.6 W/m2K and for replacements, 1.4 W/m2K. Origin exceed British Building Regulation requirements across all the range.

Thermal Efficient Origin Doors
Bi-folding doors that glide effortlessly...

Your ownership experience will quickly tell you; you’ve made a great decision. Origin Bi-Folding Doors cleverly engineered wheelbase carriage construction with four wheels, manufactured from a high-grade acetal, guides your Origin Bi-Folding Doors along the track seamlessly, enabling them to open and close with ease.

It’s quality you will feel and love. Like everything Origin, you can even match the trollies colour to your door handles for that complete design appearance.

Bi Folding Door - Gliding Technology
Origin Bi-Folding Doors - Glazing Bar Doors

When you consider Origin bi-fold doors, you may think about wide expanses of glass with light flooding in and little or no variations, but you can personalise your bi-folds to harmonize with your home and your personal style. Creating a traditional steel Crittal design by adding horizontal Georgian bars which gives any Origin Bi-Folding Doors door combination a completely new look. Even more personal, why not consider placing bars vertically and horizontally, your steel-style doors creation takes on a cosy cottage style while still allowing your garden to become a bigger part of your home with your views and light streaming in. For ultimate design flexibility choose Origin Bi-Folding Doors.

Origin Bi-Folds With Glazing Bars
Origin Bi-Folding Doors - Long life, low maintenance...

You can forget about time consuming and complicated maintenance and throw away your paint brush because, Origin Bi-Folding Doors powder coated finish removes the need for painting. A quick wipe with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge soaked in warm water and a MILD detergent is recommended (never scrub).

Origin Bi-Folding Doors high grade aluminium retains a shape, hardly contracting or expanding, in any weather, so little or no adjustment required. Origin bi folds offer the right combination of strength and weight to allow for a slim visually pleasing frames which will work flawlessly for decades to come.  Make certain to keep the Origin Bi-Folding Doors tracks clear of stones and debris and use a quality barrel lock oil (NOT WD-40) as you lubricate similar barrel locks in your other doors.

Origin Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors


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