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Common names used within the window industry to describe UPVC and aluminium window finishes include films, foils, laminates, polishing, spray painting, colour bonding and powder coating.

Let's explain more about Window Colours & Finishes.

Before shopping for new UPVC or Aluminium Windows lets explain window foils, often referred to as laminates or films, spray finishes and aluminium powder coating to help you make an informed decision.

Window Colours & Finishes - Window foils.

Window Foils are a type of high-performance laminate film finish that beautifully enhances many windows and doors.

The best RENOLIT EXOFOL exterior films/window foils benefit from Solar Shield Technology (SST). Pigments in the coloured base film reflect infrared radiation, thereby substantially reducing the build-up of heat in the profile. Enabling the profiles retain their shape and windows their exact fit.

Window Foils usually simulate the colour and grained texture of real wood, timber windows. Some customers prefer the latest mat, sand finish while the smoother gloss finish is also popular.

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Window Colours & Finishes - Window foils.

Window Foils are bonded by a heat connecting process which fuses it to the surface of the UPVC, creating an almost unbreakable finish. This process was originally used with woodgrain colours, mahogany, rosewood, and oak but is now available in woodgrain white, flat greys, and creams with a further 28 window foils available on rapid order.

Contrasting to timber or steel alternatives, the colour window foils on advanced double-glazing are more resistant to fading. The colours are bonded to become part of the uPVC or aluminium profile instead of just adhering to the surface.

Forget about frequent or regular maintenance of your new windows and doors as they won’t need any repainting. Window Foils withstand the British weather conditions, while making a brilliant visual statement without wasting time and money on maintenance.

Window Foils
Window Colours & Finishes - Solar Shield Technology.

When thinking of decorative surfaces of window foils and entrance door foils, no doubt you’ll be thinking of the classic: RENOLIT EXOFOL MX. For over 30 years, these high-performance exterior window foils have stood for alluring colours, woodgrains, and surface textures.

RENOLIT EXOFOL MX enhances exterior surfaces. The PVC films, window foils are double coated. The colour pigments in the base film use the Solar Shield Technology.

5 Star are FENSA approved Installers.

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Window Colours & Finishes - RENOLIT EXOFOL MX.

The UPVC window foils films are double layered. The colour pigments in the base film use Renolit’s Solar Shield Technology, SST. This protects the profile against excessive heat build-up. The base layer can remain as plain solid colour or be printed, the upper transparent PMMA layer protects the colours and designs against fading caused by the suns UV radiation and other weathering effects.

RENOLIT EXOFOL MX is recommended for use in climate zones like Northern and Middle Europe.

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Window Colours & Finishes - Web app.

Choose from the window foils samples and put together your personalised window.

Yes, you can configure it here! With the RENOLIT EXOFOL Web app for your tablet and PC.

Simply rotate the samples by clicking and holding your mouse, then drag your colour window foil choice across to your preferred window. The first icon above the window image lets you choose your window configuration. The second icon lets you swap between the internal and external view. The third icon lets you change the wall’s finish.  The fourth icon lets you upload an image.

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Window Colours & Finishes – Easy maintenance.

Window foils have a fantastic visual appeal and are very easy to maintain. Annual cleaning with detergent, water and a sponge or soft brush, is all you need to maintain the visual appearance throughout the life of the product.

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Solar Shield Technology (SST). Does’t just protect the beauty…

Solar Shield Technology slows down the aging process of the­ windows. Profiles remain more stable, and windows remain airtight for longer, improving energy efficiency. Solar Shield Technology is the most effective form of solar protection. Pigments in the coloured base­ profile reflect the sun‘s infrared radiation significantly reducing heat build-up in the pro­file. The result: greater safety due to cooler pro­files. The transparent upper layer of RENOLIT EXOFOL MX consists of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) which absorbs more than 95% of the UV radiation, giving window foil finishes long-lasting protection against fading and weathering.

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Window Colours & Finishes - Spray finishes.

Spray colouring is the term given to a paint finish applied through the spraying method. Usually applied by hand with an air assisted spray gun, spraying is quick, easy and fairly inexpensive to apply. Many RAL colours and lacquers can be applied using this process.


Each process is very different but provide visually similar results.


Foil finishes are better than spray equivalents. The heat-bonding process in which the foils are applied to the UPVC window melds the two materials together, creating a finish that is practically unbreakable. This makes foil the better choice if you’re looking for an incredibly durable, long life finish.

VALUE – Foils Win.

Each finish provides excellent value, spray-colouring is normally more expensive. This makes foil finishes better when working to a budget, although there aren’t as many foil colour options.


With good colour options and accurate woodgrain appearances, foils are arguably the best finish to choose when it comes to traditional reproduction.

Spray-colours have the advantage of choice, as they are available in any RAL colour. Foil finishes can also replicate woodgrains – which is perfect for individuality.

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Window Colours & Finishes - Aluminium Powder Coating.

Powder coating is a coating applied to aluminium as a dry powder. The purpose of powder coating is to protect the surface from corrosion and wear. It provides a long lasting and durable finish. Powder coating can provide an extraordinary glossy finish, resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wear over time. Powder coated aluminium windows and doors withstand the harshest of UK weather conditions.

Powder coating is used as an environmentally friendly option as it does not produce any hazardous fumes or waste, and the powder that is not used can be recycled.

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Window Colours & Finishes Aluminium Coating Process.

Aluminium Powder coating is a reasonably simple process. First, the aluminium must be cleaned and prepped. The pre-treatment involves applying a conditioner to set the surface pH level and lock it in. Next, a corrosion barrier will be applied. The aluminium will then be rinsed, and a sealant applied. The object will then need to be rinsed again and allowed too completely dry. Next, the aluminium is placed in an electrostatic spray booth. The powder is then applied to the object using an electrostatic gun. The aluminium powder coating adheres to the object due to the electrostatic charge. Once the object is coated, it is placed in a curing oven. The high temperatures in the oven cause the powder to melt and flow, creating a beautifully smooth and consistent finish. Once cooled, it is then ready for use.

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Window Colours & Finishes - Ask a 5 Star Designer.

5 Star have a team of Designers who are happy to meet with you in one of their showrooms, or in the comfort of your own home to discuss window colours & finishes or any aspect of upgrading your doors and windows. You probably buy windows and doors only once or twice in a lifetime, they do it every day. Trust a 5 Star Designer to guide you through all your options.

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Window Colours & Finishes - See all in our Showrooms.

Step into a world of enhanced living with many window colours & finishes on show.  Our doors and windows are crafted with superior aluminium and UPVC with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring exceptional performance and long lasting beauty. Contact us today or visit one of our showrooms in Kidderminster or Worcester to discuss your foil window, conservatory or door requirements and let us transform your home, living spaces into havens of light, openness, and connection to the outdoors.

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