SPORT – An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. SPORTS SWIMSPA – The way to entertain and achieve.


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Swimspa Activity 1 / Activity 1 Deep

The Activity Swim Spa is compact, combining 3 massage seats with the Flexible River Swim System, allowing for a vigorous swim whilst keeping your head relaxed above the water. The water stream is adjustable and can be used in combination with our unique Current-Lift technologyTM, enabling you to also remain flat in the water even while swimming at a slower pace. The 3 massage seats are built for different body heights and incorporate specially built massage techniques including our exclusive Passion Spas Aqua Rolling Massage™, one of our most desirable and successful massage features.

Activity 1 Sport Collection Spa
Swimspa Activity 2 / Activity 2 Deep

The new Activity 2 Swim Spa is a longer version of our current model Activity 1. The River Swim System provides a continuous stream of water across the width of the pool, giving the swimmer a strong current to swim against. At the same time, the water surface is unbroken and remains calm, so you can easily keep your head dry. Swimmers love the Activity 2 Swim Spa, it’s the dream of swimming and training efficiently in your own garden – come true.

Activity 2 Sport Collection Spa
Swimspa Dynamic / Dynamic Deep

On one side you have all the relaxation and therapy benefits of the Pleasure spa, on the other side the swim function that is equipped with Passion Spas’ unique Adjustable River Swim System and Current-lift Technology™. The Adjustable River Swim System exists of 5 large swim jets, positioned linear to each other, creating a steady flow of water over the entire width of the swim spa. You can control the intensity of the water stream, and when doing so, the flow is equally divided over the whole width of the current. Because this unique technique, the water stream covers a wide area and is effectively positioned below the water surface, enabling you to swim with your head relaxed above water. If you decrease the intensity of the Adjustable River Swim System, the Current-Lift Technology™ is automatically activated, enabling the swimmer to remain in the flat position.

Dynamic Sport Collection Spa


Simply click on the images below to download the specifications and special features including water systems, pump information and electrical systems.

Activity 1 / Activity 1 Deep

394 x 226 x 126/152 cm
50 Jets

Activity 2 / Activity 2 Deep

549 x 226 x 126/152 cm
50 Jets

Dynamic Sport & Fitness Collection Spa

Dynamic / Dynamic Deep

590 x 227 x 126/155 cm
56 Jets


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