Origin front and back doors are your first line of security, so they’ve got to be tough enough to deter the hardened criminal yet beautiful enough to perfect the appearance of your home.
Add Origin’s character to your home...

Origin doors protect your family and maximise your greatest asset. 5 Star love fitting Origin doors, so, you need to personalise your design, place your order to your taste, Origin will manufacture it fast, to their exacting standards, and we will fit it without a fuss.

Then enjoy your fabulous new entry.

Origin Front Door


It’s your front door, so the finishing touches are down to you. Origin gives you great options to select from. Don’t worry though, you’re not on your own, the 5 Star design team are here to walk you through every stage, so you get the perfect Origin front door for you.

Choose your threshold carefully.

Origin single and twin French style Front doors come in; weathered, non-weathered and mobility thresholds. A weathered threshold creates a weatherproof barrier between your front door and the outside elements, by sealing your front door against an upstand lip of just 10mm.

It is possible in most installations to sink this threshold into the ground, minimalizing the trip hazards while ensuring halls are not cold and draughty. For an internal secondary front door, not severe weather rated, a non-weathered threshold maybe the solution. The not severe weather rated Origin mobility threshold is just 20mm high for easy wheelchair access or for those who use walking aids.

Origin Doors - Threshold Options
Origins priority – your security

You can specify all Origin front doors with Origins 8 point multi-point locking system, to ensures your home is safe and secure. Origin’s chamfered 20mm straight bolts offer a smooth operation when locating the lock, as well as giving extreme compression for weather resistance.

Origin’s deep throw 25mm security hooks - the deepest engagement on the market today gives the best security and weatherproofing.

Origin Door Security
Origin’s most popular colours - delivered fast.

Origin will paint your front door in a choice of over 150 different RAL colours, including all the colours of the rainbow, as well as black and white, metallic and pastel shades, whatever you want, Origin guarantee to have a colour for you to work with.

Here are some of Origin’s popular colours.