Find out here why Origin is the UK’s leading Aluminium Window manufacturer and why they are so desirable.
Origin Manufacture beautiful Aluminium Windows.

Functional and Tough, yet Slim. Relax you’re in safe hands, British manufacturer Origin, manufacture the best Aluminium windows, to fit perfectly into any opening.

So, if you are building a new property, renovating an old castle, developing a picturesque cottage or a loving a family home, and you want great, slim or ultra-slim windows, perfectly functional and thermally efficient, then choose Origin windows to manufacture and 5 Star to fit, complement and secure your home.

Origin Doors & Windows - Premium Partner
Origin Premium & Slimline range...

The Aluminium Origin OW-70 Slimline and OW-80 Premium both present stunning design, huge flexibility and an exceptional finish. The Origin OW-70 Slimline offers the thinnest sightlines, so, less frames, more view, and more natural light, however, the OW-80 Premium allows for more configurations, large sizes and is more customisable. The sightline is the frame to glass measurement, for Origin OW-70 windows it’s 65mm and for Origin OW-80 Premium it’s 91mm.

Origin OW-70 Slimline U-Value is up to 1.2W/m2K and Origin OW-80 Premium is even better at up to 0.8W/m2K with Aerogel. Both achieve the Police’s ‘Secured by Design’ status with PAS 24:2016 as standard with Nemesis multi-point lock or PAS 24:2016 as standard with Yale Encloser multi-point lock.

Premium OW-80 Window
Why Origin Aluminium?

Origin OW-70 Slimline and Origin OW-80 PREMIUM Aluminium offers a better visual appearance and is almost maintenance-free. It’s 21st century manufacture gives it a sophisticated look and has a long-life expectancy of over 40 years. Aluminium offers great thermal efficiency with options available in A++ grades.

Origins high grade aluminium doesn’t rust, it retains a shape, hardly contracting or expanding, in any weather, needing little or no adjustment. Origin OW-70 Slimline and Origin OW-80 PREMIUM fits modern or older period properties styles and is more likely to be granted planning permission in listed buildings if required.

Slimline OW-70 Window


5 Star are proud to be an Accredited Partner with over 10 years’ experience fitting Origin Windows. Origin has won a host of product and manufacturing awards and 5 Star are ready to fit yours next.

Origin Aluminium Windows


Origin OW-70 Slimline and OW-80 Premium Casement Windows combines traditional design, premium grade aluminium, advanced manufacturing and high security thermal efficiency to give you excellence.

Origin Aluminium Windows


None opening, Origin OW-70 Slimline and OW-80 Premium fixed frame windows are available in any size up to 1450mm x 4800mm or a maximum fixed are of 265-mm x 2650mm.

Origin Aluminium Bay Windows


Origin OW-70 Slimline and OW-80 Premium create great bay windows, rather than sitting flush with a wall, bay windows form a half hexagonal, triangular, square, and any three- or five-sided shape.

Origin Aluminium Gable Windows


Available in the Origin OW-80 Premium, creating great gable windows, generally triangular, fitting between the edges of intersecting front, back or side roof pitches. Architecturally stunning.

Origin French Windows


Available in the Origin OW-80 system, the French window is defined by its moving vertical mullion, so when both the right and left windows are open, no profile remains – leaving a completely open view – just like a French Door.

Origin Bi-Fold Windows


Available in the Origin OB-49 or the OB-72 systems, also known as a ‘servery window’, this is the ultimate in WOW factor, a window born out of a bi-folding door.

Made in Britain – Born in Buckinghamshire.

British door and window Manufacturer Origin are proud that all their windows and doors are entirely designed and fabricated in England, Buckinghamshire factory.

By looking after their Origin windows – from component sourcing through to guarantee – means that Origin has the greatest level of control over its overall quality and lifespan. 5 Star Trust Origin’s quality and service.

British Manufactured Doors
Origin’s safety and security is standard...

Origin Windows are more secure than most replacement windows on the market, as aluminium is stronger and more resilient than wood or UPVC. Origin windows features include Yale’s Encloser system which engages cylindrical cams into the window keeps offering the highest-level security.

Tested to PAS 24:2012 and exceeds the latest security standards. Origins quality hinges* can carry exceptionally heavy loads and are beating extensive cycle test required for residential windows. For extra security Hinge guards, Crimped Frames and Locking Handles all come as standard.

*Please be aware – hinges can be the weak point, targeted by criminals, to force open windows.

Aluminium Origin Window Security
Bespoke to you…

Origin windows contribute to your homes overall character, design and appearance. Origin windows can be completely personalized by you. First choose your frame colours, most Origin windows can be dual coloured, so while the external colour can be striking, your interior colour can match or contrast with your internal decor.

Then choose the opening configuration, in fact all the mullion positions are down to you. Even less conspicuous choices are personalised by you including Handle colour, Glass and glazing options, Spacer-bar colour and Window-bars (Astragal and Georgian bars) are all down to you.

Origin Aluminium Windows
A Guaranteed, Guarantee!

5 Star’s 20-year guarantee is backed by an insurance policy, paid for by 5 Star, purchased from the CPA* which covers customers, for the first 10 Years. This Insurance Policy covers the unlikely event that 5 Star, for any reason, were not here to support you.

Origin’s own Guarantee is born from their uncompromising quality control, finely tuned components, precision engineering and exceptional craftsmanship. Origin’s desire perfection in everything from manufacturing the highest quality products to delivering on time, in full, every time.

*Consumer Protection Association.

Guarantee based on where the products are installed.

Origin Aluminium Casement Windows
Colours to suit your lifestyle…

The Colour choice is huge! Origin bespoke aluminium windows are personalised by the biggest choice of colours. Origin offers over 150 different RAL colours to choose from.

Your options are almost endless including the colours of the rainbow, plus white and black, metallics and even pastel shades, you’ll struggle to think of a colour they can’t supply.

Why choose aluminium...

When investing in windows, the biggest decisions you’ll make is what material to choose? Aluminium is Origin’s material of choice for all its windows. Why Aluminium? It’s strong, physically secure and able to be made with slimmer sightlines and offer an extensive range of colour and woodgrain options. Aluminium weighs 67% less than steel yet carries a lot of its strength properties.

Lasts longer, looks better, it’s stronger, more secure, doesn’t move, bend or twist it’s PREMIUM!

Origin Aluminium Casement Windows
Warm in winter, cool in the summer...

For all its benefits, Aluminium is not naturally thermally efficient, which is why Origins Research and Development team have designed the Origin aluminium structure to have thermal polyamide breaks. These limit the heat transfer from inside to out. Sophisticated weathertight seals, and clever glass ensures the weather stay out. This means Origin windows help make homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and this helps reduce your energy bills.

So how do Origin windows score? The lower the U-Value, the better the insulation properties of any material. Origin OW-70 Slimline Window, Triple Glazed, Argon filled has a U-Value of 1.2, with OW-80 Premium Window, Triple Glazed, Argon filled, and Aerogel has a U-Value is 0.8.

Origin Aluminium Casement Windows
Windows with low maintenance...

Cleaning Origin OW-70 Slimline and OW-80 PREMIUM frames Inside with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge soaked in warm water and a mild household detergent suitable for metal surfaces. Do not use Paraffin-based cleaning products and non-abrasive liquid cream cleaners.

For stubborn stains, try gently using an ink rubber, if the stain doesn’t clean easily, please don’t keep rubbing as you may cause damage. Dry the frames with a soft cloth. Outside, do upstairs first, use a hose to spray down the frames with water then gently use the same mild detergent you used on the inside. Wipe down the frames with a damp cloth.

Origin Aluminium Windows
Not all Aluminium is the same...

Origin aluminium is exceptional quality, which gives it a great overall finish, it’s smooth to the touch and visually flawless to look at. Aluminium’s strength and durability, makes it resilient against twisting, distorting and corrosion, which is just why Origin are confident in offering such long guarantees.

Origin windows are powder coated which means that periodic painting and demanding maintenance are not necessary, so you can relax, knowing it’s one less thing to think about.

Aluminium Origin Leaded Windows


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