Envisage UPVC Flush Windows – The benefits of UPVC and the great looks of painted timber, made in Britain.
UPVC flat windows

Envisage UPVC Flush Windows are designed to replicate the style of the traditional craftsmen made glazed timber window, the flush casement is characterised by the simplest of lines, just as they would have done if they had been made in the carpenter’s workshop. The opening lights (vents) do not stand proud of the frame. Maintaining authentic proportions, the flush casement can be complemented with a range of both period and contemporary colours and hardware, allowing you to create the finish that matches the style of home.

Grey Envisage Flush Windows

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Oak style UPVC flush windows

What makes Envisage Flush Windows different is their style and their exceptional performance, security, insulation, bringing the traditional timber look into the 21st century. A flush design suits heritage properties, rustic new builds, and minimalist contemporary architecture. The flush window simply describes a style where the sash/opener fits flat within the frame with no protruding areas showing when closed. Modern flush sash windows are much more advanced than their original timber counterparts, featuring the latest multipoint locks and internal glazing beads as standard.

Envisage Flush Windows
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Envisage flush windows have the option of a thicker deep bottom rail to all opening and dummy vents, the standard frame thickness is 60mm, but the deeper option, when chosen, takes the bottom frame up to a chunky 90mm deep. A craftsmen carpenter would probably be best placed to explain why this tweak, though small is actually important to the overall look and feel of this window. This feature helps to emulate the overall appearance of a traditional timber window.

Envisage Flush Windows - Monkey Tail Handle

Our popular Envisage UPVC flush windows

Looking for a specific flush UPVC window style? You will find it in this range, where we have bay and bow and French designs, and many others, all A+ energy rated as standard.

Envisage Flush UPVC Windows


The lockable flush casement UPVC windows are high security, thermally efficient, A+ energy rated window, with an outer frame which has one or more vents or sashes (openers) attached by hinges at either side or the top.

Envisage Flush UPVC Windows


Our UPVC non opening window range, that looks just like painted wood.  A picture window, made to measure.

Envisage Flush Windows


A British made to measure window for your more bespoke needs.  A Gable end flush window, or an unusual shaped window (oval, round, triangular) can be created for you from our surveyor’s measurements.

double glazing in Bewdley an Envisage Flush.


Within each Bay or Bow in this range, you choose how many lockable opening windows there are. Each Bay or Bow Windows is high security and exceptionally thermally efficient, this is a A+ energy rated window.

Envisage Flush French Windows


French Windows feature two framed panes of glass which are hung side by side, they can open either inward or outward, and when both open together, there is no central frame left to obscure the view.

Envisage Flush Cottage Windows


If you have a cottage, rural or rustic property, even if it’s a new build or listed building and are looking for a premium cottage window in lookalike wood, with the lowest maintenance, this is the premium manufacturer of bespoke top-quality flush casement cottage windows.


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The colour of the windows, glazing and hardware are far more than small details as they all make a huge contribution to the overall design of an Envisage Flush Window. Assess all of the range options with one of our helpful designers before your windows are built.

Our Envisage range has its own finishing touches

A perfect finish means that every component of your windows must work together and that includes things like hinges, handles and stays. It’s not just function – although that’s essential – appearance matters. Complementing a window with the right hardware transforms it – monkey tail handles, pear drop and cranked are all available, plus inline handles if you prefer, all in a choice of colours and finishes.  The Envisage Flush Windows are built to last and to an exceptionally high standard. UPVC is a mega durable material that will never rot, warp, peel or flake and it is super easy to keep clean with a simple wash down using a soft cloth and warm soapy water to keep them looking beautiful.

Great choice of colours to suit every home

The Woodgrain White option that looks fantastic in Flush Envisage windows, and there are plentiful other beautiful shades and textured finishes to consider. You can even choose a different colour and finish for your frames on the inside of the room to the outside of your house. Whether you want to stand out or blend in, we’ll do all we can to match your dreams and find the perfect finish for your home.