5 Star MD Passes On His Entrepreneurial Expertise

Our Managing Director Richard Manser headed for the University of Worcester last week where he delivered a speech to students about self-employment and creativity in business.

He, along with 2 other speakers with well-established creative backgrounds, spoke about their experience of running a creative business during the seminar.

Those who attended were advised of the importance of the Entrepreneurial mind-set when thinking about starting out in business and both the challenges and opportunities that self-employment presents.

Richard was very well placed to pass on his knowledge to the room full of aspiring creatives as he has a long background in business, including recruitment and training, and of course in particular, the glazing industry.

He understands the various highs and lows of running his own businesses and is only too aware of how crucial it is to perform in all aspects of business, including sales, marketing and customer service to facilitate growth.

His current business here at 5 Star Windows & Conservatories is performing exceptionally well, boasting a sales conversion rate of over 49: a high ratio in a competitive multi-player marketplace.

Securing work in the creative industry is becoming increasingly difficult for graduates, but it’s hoped that events like this will help nurture graduates who are innovative, dynamic, smart, daring, efficient, determined, modern and employable, or in one word, entrepreneurial.



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