Arm Your Home With 5 Star Double Glazing

The Ministry of Defence has announced that plans to improve the state of accommodation used by service personnel and their families are to be delayed. Their reasoning is to save money despite the homes of some being in severe need of refurbishment. This has led to some to speculate that the delay will result in army families having to pay more for their energy bills.

The last thing anyone needs at the moment is to pay a fortune on heating their home as the cost of energy is at an all-time high and things are only expected to get worse in the short and long-term. A change of windows is one of the proven cures of expensive energy. Double glazing in Worcester and double glazing in Birmingham from 5 Star will make the cost of energy more affordable.

The two panes of glass included in our double glazed windows store large pockets of heat and stop it from leaving the home. They also work to ensure that little or no outdoor air is able to make its way into your living space as draughts are often one of the main reasons why people’s energy bills reach such an unsustainable level.

You should always view double glazing as being a long-term investment as it is easy to be put off by the initial cost of having it installed. For 20 years you can expect your new windows to offer energy efficiency and keep your home looking picture perfect. Maintenance of any sort is not required and the usual wear and tear you experience in an old window will never become evident.

The decision of the MOD not to upgrade homes could be financially damaging over the next few years. To make sure you don’t have the same problems visit 5 Star and while you’re at it view our conservatories in Worcester.

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