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Have You Considered A Roof Lantern?

If you have never heard of a roof lantern before you may better know it as a skylight or rooflight as they’re all very similar products.

Lantern Roof Orangery

Basically, they can be integrated into the ceiling of an existing roof or within the ceiling of a newly-constructed extension to help bring lots of natural light into the respective space.

We offer two different types of roof lantern at 5 Star – the Atlas Roof Lantern and UltraSky Roof Lantern.

Atlas Roof Lantern

Designed by one of Europe’s leading roof manufacturers, the Atlas Roof Lantern system is one of the toughest, most aesthetically-pleasing and most thermally efficient roofs on the market.

Thanks to its slim frames and fine lines, it is 70% thinner than several alternative roof lantern designs, giving you so much glass for your money.

UltraSky Roof Lantern

Created by Ultraframe, a world leader in roof manufacture, this crisp sharp design will add the feeling of light and space to locations like lounges, kitchens, breakfasts or dining rooms.

Available in sizes up to 3 metres, vertical glazing bars have been omitted to give this lantern roof a truly stunning look.

Added light isn’t all that’s promised by a roof lantern

Cheaper fuel bills

The explosion of light generated inside your desired location in the daytime as a consequence of a roof lantern installation will make you far less reliant on artificial light and obviously also cut fuel costs. Our roof lanterns also utilise thermally efficient glass, so they’ll keep the space below brilliantly insulated, enabling you to keep your heating off for large periods of time.

Energising force

When we’re exposed to natural light it often gives us an injection of energy and has health boosting properties. Just watch your productivity levels shoot up if you decide to have a roof lantern added to a room that you use as a work space. Entering into this space at any time of the day will never fail to lift your mood.

Promotes spaciousness

Light has a unique way of making spaces feel substantially larger than they actually are. This will prove invaluable if you have a room that currently feels a little tight for space. The aerial views observed through the roof lantern will also establish more spaciousness and you’ll never tire of gazing at them.

Reach out for a roof lantern

A roof lantern could be the missing piece of the puzzle in any new or old room in your house. Request a copy of our Roof Lanterns & Skylights brochure to find out more about this fabulous product.


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