How To Ensure Your Home Is Properly Secure

Later this month the clocks will go back an hour, so it will be getting darker much earlier, and that’s when burglars are most likely to try and break into your home. 

So that any potential break-in attempt at your property falls flat, now is the time to be checking that your home security is up to scratch, as believe us, thieves are clever enough to exploit even the very slightest flaws in home security. 

October also happens to be National Home Security Month, further reinforcing the importance of us all making sure that thieves come off second best to our homes. 

To get the upper hand on thieves, take these three steps towards a more secure home:

Get a working alarm system fitted

Remarkably, only around a third of UK homes have a burglar alarm. That’s despite a burglary taking place in the UK every 106 seconds and costing an average of over £3,000!

There are many different types of burglar alarm you can buy, from a bells-only alarm and silent alarm to a wireless alarm and dialler alarm, and they can set you back as little as £200. 

A quality alarm will immediately detect any threat to your home and vastly minimise a successful heist. 

Please don’t be tempted to take the cheapest option and get a dummy alarm. It won’t fool a thief.

Stop leaving a spare key out

Placing a spare key under an outdoor doormat or plant pot is giving thieves an open invitation to ransack your house, without them even having to make an effort to force their way in. 

And good luck explaining to your home insurance company that the reason for your house being burgled was because you left a key out – you can forget about a payout. 

Just get spare keys cut for those who definitely need them, people you totally trust. 

Also avoid leaving keys in an inside lock just in case someone can somehow reach in and grab them.

Install a more secure set of windows and doors

Unsurprisingly, it will be your windows and doors that thieves test out first as a possible means of entry. 

When your windows and doors are locked, and you give them a firm push, there shouldn’t be the tiniest amount of give in them. If there is, they’re not secure enough. 

You also don’t want windows and doors that have glazing you can remove from the outside of the house. 

Have internally glazed windows and doors fitted that come with multiple secure components so that they don’t move an inch when locked and have external pressure applied to them. 

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