Homeowners Taking Out Loans To Pay For Energy Bills

Consumer watchdog Which? have discovered that over 60% of people who take out payday loans are doing so to pay for everyday essentials and household fuel bills. The purpose of a payday loan is to give homeowners breathing space until their next pay day arrives, but this is leading to some of those people getting themselves into further debt.
There is criticism of many of these payday loan companies as some do not carry out sufficient checks before issuing loans which leads to recipients being left unprotected and with nowhere to turn. But the rising cost of fuel bills has affected millions of people and desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures.
But rather than get yourself into huge debt why don’t you instead look into installing double glazing in Worcestershire throughout your home, or at least in those rooms that you use on a regular basis.

5 Star Windows are well aware of the huge financial difference double glazing windows can make as we not only supply and install them, but we also manufacture them too. The glass inserted into the UPVC frame of a double glazed window is designed to improve energy efficiency and will enable you to use your heating far less often than you currently do.
Double glazing will play a particularly useful role in your home when the summer months arrive as they will transfer a certain amount of outdoor heat into your property. They will do this at a level that feels comfortable, so there is no fear of your home ever becoming too hot. Draughts will also disappear in the winter.
For those of you unfamiliar with 5 Star Windows product range, we also stock a wide range of home extensions for those looking into conservatories in Worcestershire.

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