How To Maintain Your Windows

The longevity of products is of huge importance to customers when commissioning a home improvement job, such as having new windows fitted. Here at 5 Star we supply and fit your products, but when it comes to maintaining your windows there’s only so much we can do. We thought for this reason we should give you some helpful tips on how to maintain your windows and keep them in good condition.

Casement Windows

Our Casement windows offering options that make them top hung or side hung are popular with customers due to the simplistic nature of their design and their ability to withstand everyday living.

For maintenance, glass surfaces should be cleaned both inside and out every 3 to 6 months. Solvent based cleaners and materials of an abrasive nature should be avoided as warm soapy water is sufficient for the task. This should also be repeated on the window frames if those need cleaning too.

The window handles need almost no maintenance and can simply be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cloth; one for the cleaning of the handle and the other to dry.

Locking mechanisms and hinges will require light oiling or a small amount of grease to retain functionality roughly once a year. Keeping a spare key for the window handles safe is strongly advised.

Casement 5 Star

Tilt & Turn Windows

Our Tilt & Turn windows give customers the advanced versatility demanded by modern day living with features such as secure ventilation and the ability to clean the exterior of your window from within the comfort of your home.

To clean these windows they must be opened to their full capacity with safety features and child locks being disabled. All visual debris should be removed.

The glass should be cleaned with warm soapy water or a proprietary glass cleaner with a non-abrasive cloth. No excess water should be left after cleaning.

Handles and all metal components of the window should be checked regularly. If they are moving freely and smoothly they don’t require maintenance, if they are stiff however, apply engineering oil to extended parts of the window. We advise taking advantage of your ability to clean the windows from both sides while remaining inside.

Tilt & Turn 5 Star

Vertical Sliding

Vertical sliding windows give you a very classic feel with its two sashes, both of which tilt inwards independently of the other while also sliding either up or down when needed to.

A soft, flexible brush or pipe cleaner would be ideal for the cleaning of drainage holes, channels and spaces where dirt or debris could possibly or may have started to fill.

Both the exterior and interior frames should be wiped with a damp cloth and soapy water roughly 2-3 times a year.

Hinges, rivets and other components of the window that are mobile require frequent cleaning and should be lubricated with light engineering oil.

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