Did You Know Finance Is Available At 5 Star?

Whether you have seen something in our sale that you want, or you’re just yearning to improve your home in 2020, a bit of finance could come in very handy indeed.

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Let’s face it. January isn’t always the ideal time to buy home improvements. So, to try and make it a little bit easier for you to get what you want, we will allow you to either pay monthly or buy now and pay in 2021.

Now that you know that you potentially have access to finance, it will hopefully encourage you to get on with having new windows and doors fitted or enhancing your entrance with a porch.

If you go to our Finance page, you will find out just how flexible we are at 5 Star when it comes to finance.

Pay Monthly

How does being able to spread the cost of your home improvement over 5, 10- or 15-years* sound? To find out what you can expect to pay each month, just use our Finance Calculator.

You can also of course shorten the length of the loan and reduce the amount of interest you pay by making additional payments, if you’re able to.

Buy Now Pay 2021

We’ll also let you defer your payment for 12 months, without paying a single bit of interest. The only thing you will have to pay at the time of purchase is a £99 deposit, and then a £29 exit fee before the 12 months has elapsed.

If you find that you cannot settle the full payment in 12 months, you can always pay in 120 monthly instalments at 19.9% APR Representative.


Whichever form of finance works best, our consultants are ready to get it organised for you. Book an appointment to get things moving.  

*180 months for orders over £10,000 only. No security is required on this loan.


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