Magnifying Outdoor Summer Views From The Home

Magnifying Outdoor Summer Views From The Home

When the rain stays away and Britain is baked in sunshine, it looks a different place entirely, and we pray that summer treats us to plenty of it.

Pleasant weather underlines the greens, browns, blues, and greys of our fair land and draws our attention to any notable view in the vicinity of where we live.

You’re blessed if your residence looks out at a local beauty spot, rolling hills or some iconic landmark, especially now when daylight hours are at their most prolonged.

Time admiring scenic vistas is great therapy for switching off and reflecting on life, which leads us to ask, could you be embracing more of whatever scenery you’re treated to at home?

Employ these product integrations and tips for maximising that panorama.

Feature Door

Bi-folding doors are the emphatic victor in the feature door category in respect of open views as their multi-panelled sections can be folded back for unobstructed external visibility.

But the double opening of a French door or a patio door’s sliding method expertly opens rooms to the outside too.

The glazed areas of each counterbalance the modest framework to prevent any major impeding of the field of vision when put in a closed position. Oversized versions of the three are attainable if space allows and when wishing to augment transparency.

The Inside Of An Extension Featuring Bi-Folding Doors

Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

Enlarged window openings or full height windows offer a less restricted perspective of landscapes and are a proclamation of style.

Their funnelling of added light also helps to transform darker rooms into vibrant settings that brighten your mood the second you step foot in them.

An aluminium profile is advocated for floor-to-ceiling windows if the motive behind investing in this window type is to capitalise on a picturesque terrain as they have little frame and a lot of glass.

An Extension With Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

Window Seat

Observe the world and its wonders from the comfort of a cosy seat tucked under and against a window.

Popularly seen in bay windows and normally encompassing a wood or upholstered bench, layer the window seat cover with soft blankets, throws, and cushions so you can get snug whilst gazing out, taking a nap, or having a read, feet up and all.

Buy or build a window seat with compartments and a lift-up lid if short of storage solutions in the house.

White Bay Window

View coverage is further improvable with mirrors, lighting, and products in the 5 Star range beyond those already mentioned. We’ll let you into the secrets of them at a design appointment. Book in a time to chat to the team.


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Extreme Upvc Windows Inner 18 Magnifying Outdoor Summer Views From The Home


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Grey Upvc Windows Doors Inner 3 Magnifying Outdoor Summer Views From The Home


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