Why Now Is The Right Time To Invest In A Home Extension For Summer

Just picture being able to retreat to a brand new, stunning location at your home this summer where you can take it easy in the utmost luxury with your fellow family members or party with friends.

Orangery & Extension Combined Internal View

If that sounds like a heavenly scenario, why just picture the scene when you can make it a reality before the arrival of summer by commissioning a conservatory or orangery installation today.

Our home extensions are selling really well at the moment and the fantastic summer we had last year probably has something to do with that – we’ve got everything crossed that summer 2019 will emulate it.

Why buy one now and not wait until further into spring? It’s wise to get the ball rolling right away for a series of reasons…

It takes a lot of planning

Once your new home extension has been installed there’s no going back! It will be a part of it forever, so it’s vital that the structure caters for your every need and is perfectly suited to the property.

You will need to sit down with one of our design consultants and inform them of exactly what you want and they will do everything they can to fulfil those expectations. It may take a few tweaks and amendments to the design to get things right, but we will get there, and we’ll also have to obviously visit your home to take measurements at the desired site and plot where the extension is best positioned before any building work starts.

You might need planning permission

When your proposed home extension is categorised as being a ‘Permitted Development’ you don’t have to worry about obtaining planning permission as it is automatically granted. Further info about Permitted Developments can be found here.

If it falls short of these guidelines, you will have to fill in and then submit a planning application to your local planning department who will determine whether the installation can proceed. They will inform you of their decision after around 8-13 weeks. Account for potential delays such as the possibility of the application being rejected and you needing to make changes to the design ahead of a further application being made.

You need to get used to its surrounds

View the inside of your home extension as very much a blank canvas where you can establish a certain colour scheme, furniture arrangement and then trial using it in different ways until you find an extended lifestyle you love.

Trust us when we say than you will find conservatory or orangery living totally unique to any other room in your house and it should be treated as such. Once you have got fully acclimatised to the space and got it looking and arranged exactly how you want it, invite others to come and help you enjoy the extension.


If you need even more of an incentive to buy a home extension now, we reckon our spring sale will spring you into action as we’re offering up to 40% off all our living spaces. Visit our Special Offers page for more details.




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