How To Prevent Condensation In The Home

Is there anything more unsightly when opening your curtains first thing in the morning than seeing condensation formed on the glass? It’s a real annoyance and one that most homeowners have experienced at some point.

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Before we go into how you can get rid of it, it helps to have a little understanding of what condensation is and why it occurs.

Get to grips with condensation

Firstly, condensation is the physical process by which a gas or vapour changes into a liquid.

It happens when the temperature of the glass falls below the ‘Dew Point’ temperature of the humidity of the surrounding air. The ‘Dew Point’ temperature can differ depending on the level of water in the atmosphere and the air temperature.

Contrasting differences in temperatures between internal and external environments, and the glass, is what most typically causes condensation to form on glass.

Problems associated with condensation

  • Blackened window frames
  • Mould growth
  • Potential health implications in some cases

Treating condensation

So that none of the above problems come to fruition, remove any condensation that becomes evident with a towel or squeegee.

Our 5 steps to killing condensation

  1. In the summer months, avoid drying your clothes on the radiators and hang them up outside on the washing line.


  1. When showering or taking a bath, leave the bathroom window/s open to let the hot air escape and turn on your extractor fan.


  1. Don’t put your furniture too close to the walls as it enables air to properly circulate around the house and won’t constrain it.


  1. Prevent steam from escaping from pans by keeping their lids on when cooking.


  1. Upgrade your windows from single glazing to double glazing as the latter stays warmer than single glazing as is less likely to suffer with condensation so long as your ventilation is right.

For any further advice you need in relation to condensation, we’re always happy to answer your questions and help over the telephone or at either of our showrooms. You can also download our FREE and helpful guide to condensation here – it’s all part of the 5 Star service.

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