Receive Two Decades Of Quality At 5 Star – Get A 20 Year Guarantee

Investing in your home costs money and you don’t want a penny of it to go to waste. When you buy new windows or a new living space, you desperately want them to last and provide enduring quality. 

Ultraroof Orangery Internal Detail

To be assured of that, you should always choose an installer with a solid background in home improvements that offers a quality guarantee so that you get full value for money out of your investment. 

5 Star has a tremendous track record of improving homes to the very highest standard, and our guarantee is 10 years longer than most – it’s an industry-leading 20-year guarantee. 

The extra decade of cover that you receive at 5 Star will ensure that your money goes much further than it would if you bought your home improvements elsewhere as very few companies offer a 20-year guarantee. 

If you’re wondering how we are able to provide a 20-year guarantee, it’s down to the exceptional quality of the materials we use, the advanced technology we employ and our design, crafting and installation skills. 

We don’t stop there though! 

Before anything is made available to our customers, we perform test after test on our products to check that they will survive for two decades or more. 

It’s very rare for a 5 Star customer to experience an issue with a product that we’ve sold to them within the guarantee period, but if they ever do, they at least know that it will be resolved at no charge.

We’re not the sort of company to go missing when you need us most. Aftercare is extremely important to 5 Star, so please never hesitate to pick up the phone if you need assistance. We won’t be slow to help. 

Apart from our 20-year guarantee, there’s a host of other reasons why your money will be well spent with 5 Star. Take a trip to one of our showrooms for a full explanation of why. 

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