Have You Thought About A Solid Roof For Your Conservatory/Orangery?

Ownership of a conservatory or orangery has mass appeal but the one thing that puts many people off the idea of actually following through with this ambition is the possibility of it being inhabitable for large periods of time.

Roof Window Featured in Solid Tiled Roof

We can understand why there is hesitancy amongst some as we’ve all heard about these types of home extensions sometimes succumbing to the weather and feeling icy cold in winter and overly warm in summer. It’s safe to say that no-one enjoys extensions when they feel like this!

The good news for anyone that already owns a conservatory or orangery or is thinking of buying one is that huge strides have been made in conservatory roofing technology. This had led to the development of products like solid tiled roofs.

Adding a solid roof from the beginning or retrospectively makes a world of difference to the internal ambience of conservatories and orangeries in all weathers.

A constant cosy space

Outside conditions will be unable to dictate as and when you get to use your new or existing extension as the tiles within a solid roof covering offer exceptional thermal insulating qualities. It helps that all solid roofs are custom-made for each individual conservatory or orangery they’re due to be integrated into to ensure a perfect fit.

If the solid roof is being added to an old extension there are certain checks that need to be made before work can proceed, but 5 Star will always guide you through this so that you’re not left to do it yourself.

When there’s the potential for light to be lost as a result of fitting a solid roof you can always include roof windows in the design to give the sun a neat passage through. This guarantees you a bright interior from the moment the sun rises to the point it starts to go down.

So that the solid roof looks right at home with your property and the extension itself you can choose from one of a number of authentic coloured finishes for the lightweight tiles.

Have we sufficiently sold the solid roof to you?

We certainly hope so as you won’t find a more reliable roofing system for conservatories and orangeries.

For the very latest solid roof, our newest solid roof is the UltraRoof 380 featuring large, made-to-measure rectangular glass panels. All details about it can be found here.







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