Tips For Saving Money And Energy At The Same Time

Are you sick to the back teeth of having to pay a fortune on energy bills? You are most definitely not alone! Energy bills are eating into the finances of UK families like never before and unless we all make more of an effort to utilise less energy in our homes, we can only expect things to get worse.

Many people will be unaware of how they can cut down on energy usage without it having a negative effect on the running of their household. Here are a few pointers to help you do it:

Pull plugs out

When heading out to work or going up to bed last thing at night, we do not always take the time to turn things off properly e.g. TV, stereo. It is so easy to just press the standby button rather than go to the trouble of pulling the plug out of the wall. When you do this you are wasting energy unnecessarily as devices such as these will continue to consume energy even when not in full use.

Replace old bulbs

A few years ago, energy-saving light bulbs were introduced as a way of helping homeowners illuminate their homes at a lower cost. But still there remain many homes that persist in using conventional light bulbs, despite them consuming far more per bulb. Get them all replaced and collectively they will earn you considerable savings.

Exchange old appliances

Old freezers, washers, microwaves, cookers etc. tend to be thermally inefficient. Modern-day white goods are rated in terms of energy efficiency so you can see how effective they are at utilising the energy they produce. When replacing old appliances, try to opt for a replacement that rates C or above.

Stop over boiling your kettle

When you boil your kettle and leave the room for a few moments, the temptation is always there to boil it again. There is no need to do this as the water will remain heated for a decent amount of time. Also, avoid putting more water into the kettle than you need to as it will inevitably take longer to boil and consume more energy than needs be.

Change your windows

Ever contemplated replacing your old timber windows? If not then you should as double glazing in Birmingham, double glazing in Bromsgrove and double glazing in Hereford will provide far greater energy efficiency by preventing heat loss for good.

House Tips For Saving Money And Energy At The Same Time

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