What You Can Do To Make Your House Really Sellable

What You Can Do To Make Your House Really Sellable

Ready to make a move and wanting to sell your house? It’s a tricky time to do it at the moment, as September saw a 40% drop in the number of properties sold.

The immediate future of the housing market is also predicted to be glum, with Nationwide estimating an 8-10% fall in house prices next year.

But it’s far from impossible to find a buyer and sell your house at your preferred asking price. It’s definitely achievable if your home has the necessary buyer appeal.

Here are some hot tips on how to make it irresistible.

Organise the relevant paperwork

How gutted would you be if a buyer pulled out just because you weren’t able to give them access to important documentation relating to the house? It happens a lot, but you don’t want it to happen to you.

Get all the paperwork that a buyer’s solicitor might ask for ready before you put the house on the market.

You will definitely need the land registry documents and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the house, and if you’ve had new windows and/or a living space installed, dig out the FENSA or CERTASS certificate and planning permission and building regulations certificates, so that you can prove they meet industry standards.

Paperwork on a table

Bring more natural light in

During a viewing, a buyer will try to visualise themselves living in the space and the roomier it feels to them, the better.

A light-filled space will give that impression and you can get more of it travelling indoors with cunningly placed mirrors, and by also regularly cleaning your windows. Not just this though.

Revert to lighter colour schemes within the house, replace any broken lights, shift anything close to your windows that’s obstructing the sun, and try out new furniture layouts to generate extra floor space. A large bi-folding door will also draw in lots of extra light.

The interior of a house

Get windows with a wow factor

In a recent survey conducted by the HomeOwners Alliance, “Windows in good condition (no signs of rot or flaking paint) was considered to be the most crucial kerb appeal feature by 71% of those quizzed.

What sort of condition are your windows in? They should be in an immaculate state, and if they’re not, ask 5 Star to replace them.

All the coloured finishes that you can choose from when purchasing our UPVC and aluminium window designs are long-lasting and will never rot or flake away. They’re incredibly simple to maintain too.

The exterior of a house

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