Why Velux Windows Aid Summer Homeworking

As more and more people work away from the office, it is frustrating when you are forced to stay indoors at home on warm sunny days because you have work-related duties to catch-up on.

That shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on the English summer as you always can bring the sunshine inside via one or two Velux windows.

Velux windows can be integrated into sloping tiled attic or loft roofs, areas regularly used as workspaces, transforming them from dark and dingy places, into bright and airy spots throughout the day.

Because they will entice in an abundance of sunlight you will have less of a dependence on electricity, enabling you to keep energy costs down.

Research has shown that when we immerse ourselves in a little bit of sunshine it helps motivate us and boosts productivity levels. It aids our health too thanks to the transmission of vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, as it assists with fighting disease and depression and boosts weight loss.

If the amount of sunshine coming in ever feels overpowering you can always have Velux windows supplied with specially-made blinds that you can draw to keep the room cool and free from glare. The other option is to simply open the window, something that’s very easily done and great for ventilation and freshening up the internal air.

We should also mention that when closed Velux windows excel at protecting you from external noise allowing you to work in peace.

Learn more about Velux windows and skylights at our Kidderminster showroom where we have examples on display.






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