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Hazy Grey UPVC Windows

Transforming a chilly country home one energy-efficient window at a time.

Mr and Mrs Perry, longtime residents of a spacious 5+ bedroom farmhouse near Witley Court & Gardens in Worcestershire, had been grappling with a significant issue for years.

Their beloved country home, known for its rustic charm and stunning location, faced a challenge common to many older properties – inadequate insulation and draughty windows.

With over 15 years in their farmhouse, they were determined to make their property cosier and more energy-efficient, particularly during the harsh winter months.

An old oak wooden window, split into sixteen small panes with four opening vents operated by gold effect handles.

The Perrys’ farmhouse, while rich in history and character, struggled to retain warmth during winters due to outdated wooden windows. The lack of insulation not only led to discomfort but also resulted in higher energy bills as they tried to keep the cold at bay.

Seeking a solution, they approached 5 Star to help them address their heating woes while maintaining the farmhouse’s classic aesthetic.

A red brick Worcestershire cottage with its original old green flaking wooden windows and oriel bay.

To bring the Perrys’ vision to life, one of our dedicated designers visited their farmhouse. The couple were determined to enhance their home’s energy efficiency while preserving its traditional charm.

After a collaborative discussion, the Perrys decided on windows from 5 Star’s Extreme UPVC range.

These windows not only offered enhanced security features but also boasted an ‘A+’ energy rating for superior energy savings – a perfect match for their goal of a warmer, cosier home.

Two cottage windows. Both High Security, Extreme, Hazy Grey, UPVC double glazed Windows fitted into a wisteria clad gable end of a red brick house.

The colour selection was another important decision. Opting for a Hazy Grey hue for both the interior and exterior, the Perrys aimed to seamlessly integrate the windows with their existing decor and future redecoration plans.

They also chose to maintain the farmhouse’s timeless appeal by selecting monkey tail handles, which added a touch of tradition and elegance to the windows.

Two lockable Pewter Monkey tail handles, on a High Security, Extreme, Hazy Grey, UPVC double glazed Window with Swiss warm edge spacer bar.

With the installation of the new windows, Mr and Mrs Perry’s farmhouse underwent a remarkable transformation.

The once chilly property was now better insulated, maintaining a comfortable temperature even during the coldest months.

The energy-efficient properties of the new windows began to result in reduced energy bills, allowing the Perrys to enjoy warmth without worrying about escalating costs.

Installing cottage Windows. High Security, Extreme, Hazy Grey, UPVC double glazed Windows into a wisteria clad gable fronted brick cottage.

The choice of the Hazy Grey colour proved to be a great decision. It seamlessly blended with the farmhouse’s interior and exterior aesthetics, further enhancing its visual appeal.

The monkey tail handles not only added a dash of classic style but also integrated flawlessly with the overall ambience of the property.

The experience didn’t end with the installation. The fitting team was treated to the Perrys’ homemade banana bread as a token of appreciation!

An external view of our Extreme, Hazy Grey, UPVC double glazed Window, with two top openers and two push out vents. Set into a red brick wall.
“5 Star took care of our draughty windows and costly energy bills, making our home cosy and energy-efficient. Choosing the Extreme UPVC range, the Hazy Grey colour, and the classic monkey tail handles have all played their part in beautifully reviving our historic house.”


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