A Conservatory Can Be The Best Place To Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is the second most commercial holiday and with it approaching you need to make sure you are prepared to welcome the trick-or-treating little ones coming to your door.

In preparation for this exciting holiday there are a few crucial assets you need to prepare. Here is a list of what you need the most, together with some spooky facts regarding Halloween.

Jack O’Lanterns

The most important thing you will need is Jack O’Lanterns. They are the most common symbol of Halloween and were typically made out of a carved pumpkin, usually with a scary facial expression and a light placed inside.

An Irish Legend says that Jack O’Lanterns are named after Jack who was cursed to wander the Earth and lead people who have lost their right paths. He suffered this fate because he tricked the Devil several times and hence was forbidden from both Heaven and Hell.

Black and orange decorations

Many black and orange decorations are available, which will enable you to create the scary, themed atmosphere for everyone visiting. The two colours are the main colours associated with Halloween.

Orange stands for harvest and autumn, while black is usually connected with death and darkness.

Treats for the kids

If we are being totally honest about it, Halloween’s main purpose is for the sweets. The trick-or-treating tradition is the most exciting one for all the kids. Having enough chocolates and sweets is important so that you don’t disappoint all the neighbours’ toddlers.

Trick-or-treating’s medieval Christian precursor is “Souling”. On Hallowmas, the poor would go door-to-door offering prayers for the dead in exchange for soul cakes.


And if the Halloween party this year is going to take place at your house and you are worried that it is not big enough, the best thing to do would be to invest in a conservatory installation. With its multi-functional nature, a conservatory can be converted into any room you would like it to be. So after hosting the party it can become the dream dining space, play room, office or whatever else suits your needs.  Give us a call today and find out more about the options available for your perfect house extension.  

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