Keep Your Children Busy During The Half Term Break

We all remember what it’s like being a kid. The excitement about high marks in school and an even bigger excitement when it comes time to holidays. Only after we graduate do we come to realise that school time was the best time of our lives.

With the mid-term school break approaching, families need to ensure that children are kept entertained and do not get into trouble with all the free time in their hands.

Here are some ideas how you can keep them entertained.

Transform your conservatory into a game zone
Unfortunately, the weather is still pretty cold in order to let your kids play in the garden. However, your conservatory can be the perfect place to keep them entertained. Why not invest in some new board games or dig out the old dusty ones? There is nothing like a family game of Scrabble, Pictionary or Jenga. Even for grown-ups this would be an exciting throwback to the past. Of course, Monopoly is another option.

Get in the kitchen
The spare free time might be perfect for sharing some tips in the kitchen and getting the kids involved. Making a cake or cookies together will work perfectly towards bonding with your children. At the same time, you will be amazed at the excitement they get from contributing towards the simplest tasks in the kitchen.

Work on their artistic skills
Another option could be giving them tasks to keep them busy during the day. For example setting up a small ‘workplace’ with paper, pens, pencils, marker pens and so on would keep them entertained for hours. If you also decide to give them a task such as ‘Make a drawing of your favourite gift’ it would give you some insights in their understandings of the world and also give you ideas for the upcoming birthdays.

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