Tiled Roof Extensions

You need an Tiled Roof Extensions to be fully energy efficient throughout the year otherwise what’s the point of choosing one? The roof attached to the design has an enormous part to play so far as supplying the structure with exceptional thermal insulation and a solid roof is a product that will provide this in abundance. Some natural sunlight will disappear from a tiled roof extension as a consequence of the solid roofs installation but this can be compensated for by including roof windows in the design. Accessorise it further by having downlighters and speakers integrated.

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You can't go wrong with a Warm Roof...

Insulated - The whole point of buying a conservatory is that you can use it as and when you like. It can be incredibly annoying when it overheats in summer and feels cold and virtually inhabitable over the winter months due to a lack of warmth. A solid roof will eliminate such problems as it offers fantastic insulation, predominantly due to it containing an insulated plywood and rigid insulation board.

Solid Feel - The entire ambience will transform overnight once the solid roof has been installed as it will feel significantly more comfortable giving you further excuse to utilise it on a daily basis. Don’t be put off by the loss of any natural light due to the presence of a solid roof as you can still expect a generous quantity of sunlight to pass through.

Solid Look - In order for the solid roof to be taken seriously as a viable alternative to traditional roofing systems we have made a serious effort to ensure the lightweight tiles and slates share an uncanny likeness to the real thing. You will be amazed by the painstaking detail.

Simple Fit - We prefabricate each of our solid roofs so that the installation process is quickened and causes minimum disruption to your home life. It’s such a simple system to fit yet offers performance of the very highest level.

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