Did You Know There Is A Legal Requirement For Trickle Vents In All New Windows?

Did You Know There Is A Legal Requirement For Trickle Vents In All New Windows?

Building Regulations recently updated their requirements, resulting in all new and replacement windows needing to include trickle vents.

Unless you’re savvy about home improvement, most homeowners or future homeowners won’t be familiar with trickle vents. We will break down why they are so important and what it means for homes throughout the country.

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What Are Trickle Vents?

The energy efficiency of modern windows and doors is so advanced that homes are less ventilated than they once were. Therefore, energy efficient windows may lead to a build-up of damp which could be a health hazard to the inhabitants. Fortunately, trickle vents have become a legal requirement to counter this.

A trickle vent will result in a healthier home. It will create a tiny hole within the window, offering constant ventilation (even when the window is shut) and upgraded air quality.

If you’re looking at getting replacement windows or selecting windows for a new-build, your installer should be familiar with the new Building Regulations related to trickle vents. They will likely inform you of the best form of trickle vent for your specific windows.

The only deviation from this new rule is buildings with heat recovery systems, certain Listed Buildings and properties within Conservation Areas.

Other than those specified above, all replacement windows need to be fitted with trickle vents. If you already have trickle vents in your current windows, the new windows will include trickle vents of the same or better effectiveness.

The requirement came into effect on 15th June 2022 and it is crucial to comply with the legal requirement. If you fail to ensure trickle vents are incorporated into your new windows, it could affect the sale of your home. You will need to obtain a completion certificate to prove the windows followed the regulations.

If you have any questions about trickle vents, speak to one of 5 Star’s expert advisors. You can submit your query here.

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