A window with three or more attached sides, angling out from an exterior wall.
Envisage UPVC flush bay and bow windows

Our Envisage Flush UPVC Bay and Bow windows will increase the light and space within a room, with three or more window panes that angle outside from your flat exterior wall. Our flush bay and bow windows can be triangular, rectangular, or polygonal. Our UPVC bay and bow windows are normally fitted to the front elevation of a property, in a lounge or dining room. Envisage Flush UPVC bay and bow windows add an additional quirky indoor space and a multi-directional view, whilst externally a UPVC flush bay and bow window makes a smart visual statement.

double glazing in Bewdley an Envisage Flush.
Envisage flush bow lounge windows

The Envisage flush UPVC bow windows are multi sided, typically four or five identical windows, which angle out beyond the outside wall forming an arch or bow, giving a more curved appearance than a bay window, which looks more angular.  They increase internal space, give you more view directions, increase natural light into a room and create a space in the window that you can use for a lovely window seat, or maybe an armchair or wide screen TV.  A bow window improves the external appearance of a house by giving it a pleasing focal point.

Envisage Flush Bay Windows
UPVC flush bay and bow window conversions

Our UPVC Bow and Bay Envisage window conversions can change almost any flat window to a bow or bay window. This will enhance the kerb appeal of your house, let in more natural light and create more space within the room. On the front of a property, fitting an Envisage flush bow or bay window where a flat window already existed would need planning permission, but permission is not needed on the back or the sides of a property.  If replacing an old existing bay and bow window then planning permission would only be required on a listed building.

Double glazing in Stourport on SevernEnvisage Flush Bay Windows

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Frame size options

Envisage Flush Bay and Bow windows have the option of a deeper bottom rail to all opening and dummy vents. The usual frame thickness is 70mm, but the deeper section, when chosen, takes the bottom frame up to a chunky 90mm deep.  This small tweak is important to the overall look and feel of a bay or bow window when the appearance of a traditional timber bay or bow is desired.

Envisage Flush UPVC Windows

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Your window frame’s colour, its glazing and hardware are the details that make a huge contribution to the overall design of an Envisage Flush Bow or Bay Window.  Spend time choosing with one of our designers because our windows are made to last!

The finishing touch

Every component of your Envisage Bay or Bow windows is working together, including hinges, handles, and stays to make your own personal bespoke Envisage Flush Bay or Bow Window.  Whilst it is the function that is essential, the appearance really does matter too.  A bay or bow window with the right hardware transforms it – monkey tail handles, pear drop and cranked are all available plus inline handles if you prefer, all in a superb selection of colours and finishes.  The Envisage Flush Bay and Bow windows are manufactured in Britain to last and to an exceptionally high standard. UPVC is extremely durable and will never rot, warp, peel or flake and it is super easy to keep clean with a simple wash down to keep looking beautiful for years to come.

Privacy glass is worth a second look

More of us are working from home nowadays, and if you have a treatment room for example, then we recommend you take a look at our privacy, textured or frosted glazing. Natural light will still be able to pass normally through the window, flooding your room with daylight.

Envisage flush UPVC bay windows

The Envisage Bay and Bow window’s outer frame are the same depth as that of a standard UPVC type, at 70mm. When you add a closed vent the traditional UPVC window bulks out by the closed vent outer depth to an overall depth of 90.5mm, whereas the Envisage Flush Bay and Bow Windows when fitted with a similar opener remains at 70mm deep. With our flush bay or bow windows, you’ll get superb quality, robust durability, and the easy-care features of our superior UPVC frames as standard. If you click on the hotspots opposite you can find out more about the main features of an Envisage flush window, so good they come with a 20-year guarantee.

Envisage Flush Window


Appealing to the perfectionist in you, the perfectly balanced symmetrical window frames make for a clean and minimalist flush finish. Multiple astragal bars allow you to create a design that’s ideally suited for unusual properties.


Easy-clean Friction Stay Hinges with smooth operation and anti-crowbar technology to prevent would-be intruders from easily accessing your home.


Two sizes of sleek aluminium create visually stunning frames, with an ultra modern Whether you’re matching handles to a modern new-build or a traditional cottage property, you’ll find the Envisage hardware range is well positioned to meet even the most unique of needs.

Envisage Locking

Featuring our robust shootbolt envisage locking system, you can rest assured you Envisage window will keep you home and family protected from the threat of break-ins.

Envisage Glass

Draughts and cold spots are a thing of the past. We’ve used smart design and high-performance next generation glass to guarantee your warmth and comfort. So, all you need to worry about is which style and colour to choose.

Envisage flush windows can lower fuel bills

Hidden within every Envisage Flush Bay and Bow Window is the latest technology, including futuristic glazing with a clever heat reflecting coating. With 5 Star’s Flush Bay and Bow double-glazed windows energy efficiency and thermal retention are exceptionally high, achieving an A+ Windows energy rating and a u-Value as low as 1.2 W/m2K with Planitherm One. Our multi-chamber profile prevents heat from escaping and Low-E glass reflects your heat back into your home, while Argon gas between the window panes blocks out cold air. This will help to reduce the money you spend heating your home.

Envisage Flush French Windows


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