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Refreshing the front elevation of a house so that it perfectly imitates the rear and provides the occupants with a quieter place to live.

Home really is where the heart is for Mr and Mrs Fortnam, who have lived in their extraordinarily beautiful property for more than 40 years now. Situated in the hamlet of Trimpley, which is close to Kidderminster, they wanted to have the windows at the front of the building upgraded with a replacement window style that closely matched the existing window style at the back of the house.

Unsure of which window company to approach, it was their daughter who unwittingly put 5 Star in the running for the project after she pointed out a house to her mum that we had fitted with new windows and strongly advised, “Mum, you have got to use this company.” We’re so glad that she did, and that her mum and dad acted upon her sound advice.

White Extreme UPVC Casement Windows In Trimpley

A home consultation was organised, and our Designer, Louis, took some samples along with him so that Mr and Mrs Fortnam could feel the quality of our products. He also passed on much on his knowledge to the pair to help them make the right choice of windows, which they found very helpful.

As well as their desire to invest in new windows very much like the windows at the property’s rear, they also hoped that the window installation would help to curb the noise created by the traffic outside, as they live close to a busy road.

The inside of a white Extreme UPVC casement window

The home visit sold 5 Star to them, and they committed to an order of 12 White UPVC casement windows from our Extreme range, with gold handles, all of which were to be fitted to the front of the house.

When we contacted Mr and Mrs Fortnam a short time after the installation was completed, they expressed their glee about how much warmer the house now feels and how it’s also helped to minimise the impact of noise road. Their advice to anyone else setting out on a similar journey is short and simple – “Choose 5 Star.”

A classic white Extreme UPVC casement window
The windows were in & finished within a day and a half, after being told it could take three days. We got on really well with the fitters – they were lovely. We really enjoyed the company too. We’re so pleased with the outcome.


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