3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Skylight

After a long winter it is nice to have a little more sunlight in our lives as the spring season fast approaches. Sunlight often puts a smile on our faces, leaves us in a chipper mood and has us feeling as though we are ready to take on anything.


You can also use sunlight to make people think that a certain area of the interior of your home is much larger than it actually is in reality, such as when you fit a skylight.

What is a skylight?

Sometimes also referred to as a rooflight and compatible with new and old homes, a skylight is a ‘window set in a roof or ceiling at the same angle’ designed to improve lighting within a room.


Compared to a similarly sized vertical window, a skylight can draw in more than 3x’s as much sunlight.

Why install a Skylight?

Aside from the fact that the abundance of sunlight it brings in helps turn our frown upside down, a skylight installation provides at least three other benefits to homeowners:

  1. Reduced energy bills

The extra hours of sunlight in spring/summer enable you to significantly cut down your reliance on artificial light, even more so when you have a skylight fitted due to the high volume of sunlight passing through the glass. It will also keep the relevant interior warm as a skylight provides exceptional thermal performance and solar heat gain, allowing you to turn off your boiler for prolonged periods in summer. Subsequently, heating costs will drop too.

  1. Bring spaces alive

We sometimes underappreciate our living spaces and forget just how attractive they really are. A skylight will illuminate the space below and emphasise the beauty of the architecture and colours used in the relevant room. Just make sure that the skylight is suitably positioned so that the room gets properly exposed to the sun.

  1. Stunning aerial views

Picture this – you’re sat in your favourite armchair, gazing upwards at a crystal clear blue sky, slowly drifting off as you do it; sounds like heaven doesn’t it. Immersing yourself in those aerial views will almost make you feel as though you’re being transmitted into the outdoors, all whilst secure in the sanctuary of the indoors.

We have four different types of home skylights available at 5 Star. They will each add a little light to your life.

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