3 Ways To Make The Biggest Savings On Your Energy Bills

It’s over the winter months that energy bills become an increasing concern for many households as they become expensive. 

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This winter, even more people will find themselves struggling to manage their energy costs because more time spent in the home inevitably results in more energy being consumed. 

In recent days, ahead of Big Energy Saving Week (beginning next week), experts have warned that energy bills are set to rise by £171 per household in 2021.

If you sit back and do nothing, you’re likely to be amongst the hardest hit. 

You’d much better to do these 3 things to save yourself a fortune:

Switch energy supplier

Long-time loyalty to your energy company rarely pays off. 

It’s never been easier to change to a new energy supplier. You even have companies like ‘Look After My Bills’ who, with just a bit of information, will handle the entire switching process for you. 

A first-time switcher could be looking at an annual saving of £300+. Further savings can usually also be made by switching suppliers again every year or two, so do a regular price-check via a comparison site. 

Get a new boiler installed

The age of your boiler could be the main cause of your sky-high heating bills, and the older the boiler, the more it needs repairing. 

It’s indisputable that buying a new energy efficient boiler isn’t cheap, but what it will save you in the long-term makes it well worth the money. 

The Energy Saving Trust says that upgrading to an A-rated boiler can help you make an annual saving of around £340, and it should last for 15 years+. 

Install energy efficient windows and doors

Companies like us are always banging on to customers about how energy efficient windows and doors can pay for themselves thanks to the energy savings made over their lifetime, and it’s entirely true. 

How big the overall saving will be will depend on the specification of the windows and doors. 

It’s very much possible to reduce heat loss by as much as 75% with new windows and doors, and subsequently make a saving amounting to thousands of pounds. 

Have a chat with 5 Star if you desperately need energy efficient windows and doors to make your energy bills more manageable. We’re offering FREE remote quotations for customers.

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