5 Energy Saving Tips From 5 Star For Big Energy Saving Week

The cost of living isn’t getting any cheaper for Britons and the rising cost of energy bills isn’t helping anyone in that regard.

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Just before Christmas, it was revealed that UK householders are paying 40% more for energy than they were in 2015, with the average dual fuel bill now costing £1,813 a year.

How do you get your energy costs down to an affordable price? Listening to the advice and support that’s available during Big Energy Saving Week, taking place from 20th January, will give you numerous ideas of how to do it. As will using the following 5 energy saving tips that 5 Star has managed to come up with.

  1. Find a cheaper tariff

If you’ve been with your existing energy supplier for a long time, it’s highly likely that you’re paying more for your energy than you should be.

To find the best priced energy package you just need a copy of your last gas and electricity bill. Energy bills have been simplified in recent years, so you should easily be able to locate your current gas and electricity usage on them, which is the main information you need when visiting a comparison site.

Generally, fixed-rate tariffs tend to be cheaper than variable-rate tariffs, and once you have agreed to a new energy deal with a new supplier, they will take care of the switchover process.

  1. Turn down your thermostat by one degree

The Energy Saving Trust recommends heating your home between 18 to 21 degrees Celsius during the winter.

But, on those occasions when it’s mild outside in winter, which is often the case nowadays, turning your thermostat down by a single degree can be a big money-saver – you could be looking at an annual saving of £80.

You could also have a smart thermostat fitted so that you can control your heating when away from your house.

  1. Get thicker curtains and close them at night

Closing your curtains at night won’t just give you privacy. It will also help to keep your home nice and warm by trapping the heat that comes out of your boiler and stopping it from escaping, while also keeping out draughts.

Replace your thin curtains for a thick set of thermally insulated curtains to enjoy improved comfort and money savings.

  1. Avoid that standby button

A further £80 a year can be saved by neglecting to use the standby button for appliances such as televisions, stereos and digital TV boxes.

Don’t be lazy. Pull the plug on these appliances or flick the off switch on the wall.

Some people leave their digital TV box on standby to record programmes, but thanks to catch-up services, there’s no need to do that.

  1. Install energy efficient windows and doors

It won’t help if your existing windows and doors offer a poor standard of insulation and fail to keep out the cold.

Upgrading to double or triple glazed energy efficient windows and doors will make a massive difference to thermal comfort and see hardly any energy go to waste.

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