5 Star Energy Saving Tips For Summer

Here at 5 Star Conservatories, we like to think we do more for our customers than just provide them with great products from our range of conservatories, windows and doors.

That’s why we’ve got some handy energy and money saving tips for you this coming summer. We’ll start with something nice and simple.

Light Bulbs

Change your light bulbs around your house. You may not think that will make a huge difference to much, but in the long run it will make a huge difference. You should look at using either compact fluorescent light bulbs or light-emitting diode bulbs.

Both of these kinds of bulbs use about a quarter of the energy of traditional bulbs. You’d make a great difference to the environment by installing these in the rooms where you use lights the most like the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.


Something you may not know about your hot water usage is that it can sometimes make up to 10% of your energy bill.

Lowering the temperature on your hot water tank to 60oC could see you make a huge saving on your bills but it would still be hot enough to make sure that there was no harmful bacteria in the water.


Wasting energy is something that a lot of people do without even realising. Make sure you turn off appliances, lights and other equipment when it’s not being used. When combined, that could save you up to 2% on your energy bills.

Unplugging things like chargers when they aren’t in use is a good way to clamp down on your unnecessary usage, most modern electronics even use electricity when they’re turned off. Things like computers and printers should be turned off at the wall.

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