5 Star Invests In Youth And Hires New Apprentice

Youngsters get something of a bad press at times but there is lots of exciting new talent out there waiting to be given an opportunity in business. Their fresh ideas, enthusiasm and energy can often prove infectious.

5 Star has always been the type of firm to open its doors to young people eager to learn and forge a successful career.

We’ve done this recently after taking on 19-year-old David Platt as our newest apprentice.

David resides in the local area and will be undertaking a 2-year apprenticeship in Digital Marketing and Social Media at 5 Star.

This particular apprenticeship is designed to help develop communication skills and creative writing skills to engage with people online and in person.

He will shadow various departmental members during those two years so that he gets a thorough understanding of the business, whilst also taking one day out each week to study at College.

We’re pleased to say that he has settled in really well and is already making a great impression.

Hiring a young apprentice has previously worked out fantastically well for 5 Star.

Louis Barker, who was the first apprentice to be welcomed into the team, now heads up our Trade Counter and is the perfect example for David to follow.

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