Which 5 Star Skylight Is Best For Your Home?

It’s bitterly cold right now, but there has been some sunshine amongst the chilly temperatures, and there’s also the silver lining of us gradually receiving more daylight hours as we approach spring. 

UltraSky Roof Lanterns

At a time like this, it helps to have as much of this natural light travelling into your home as possible. It aids our wellbeing, lifts our mood, and can make you feel so much more energised. 

If you don’t currently get enough natural light coming into a certain room, the installation of one of 5 Star’s impressive skylights and roof lanterns will fix that. 

We offer four varieties of skylight / roof lantern. Here’s a bit about each of them to help you judge which will most suit your needs. 

Atlas Roof Lantern

Atlas are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of roof lanterns. Their aluminium roof lanterns deliver tremendous strength and performance, and they’re advertised as providing MORE SKY LESS ROOF™. 5 Star is an approved Atlas installer, so there’s no-one more qualified to fit their outstanding roof lantern. 

Atlas Flat Rooflight

Atlas have also developed their own flat rooflight product which has an amazingly smart and sleek appearance. It can be added to a home extension, flat roof or garage conversion. Wherever it’s installed, the Atlas Flat Rooflight is so unobtrusive that you barely notice it visually, but you cannot mistake its presence due to the wealth of light it draws in. 

UltraSky Roof Lantern

Incorporated into a new-build extension or existing flat roof, the UltraSky lantern roof can cover as much as 3 metres and does away with vertical glazing bars to help maximise light transference indoors. It’s unbeatable when it comes to thermal efficiency. For example, the U-value with 1.1 glass for a 1000mmm wide x 2000mmm long UltraSky lantern roof is 1.4 W/m2K. 

Velux Roof Window

Most people have heard of a Velux window, a fantastic solution for when you want a room filled with inviting light. Supplied as a centre pivot window, top hung window or Velux INTEGRA design, it’s most typically used in loft conversions, particularly in lofts that act as home office spaces. You can have it either double or triple glazed. 

To discuss our many skylights in more detail and find the most appropriate option, make a Virtual Appointment with the 5 Star team.

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