5 Star Windows Unveil 5 Star Showroom

Now, when you think conservatories and windows, you may think pretty bland, a lot of white and a lot of UPVC windows. Well, that couldn’t be further from what the new 5 Star Windows showroom is like.

This showroom has everything you would expect ; conservatories, orangeries and one thing you can’t get away from in these places, a lot of UPVC.

The conservatories in the showroom are all newly built and they portray the great work that the guys at 5 Star offer. No expense has been spared on this showroom or the structures inside.

All of the conservatories and the orangeries inside the showroom have been visited by a specially hired interior design team. One of the conservatories has been fitted with under floor heating so if that’s something you’re looking for in your conservatory, you’ll get a good idea of the benefits when you pay a visit to the 5 Star showroom.

The majority of the conservatories have TVs in them and they all have some kind of garden reference outside of them. Some have been astro-turfed to give the effect of the garden outside and some even have paving stones outside of them too.

Here’s a sneak preview into the new showroom here at 5 Star!








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