5 Ways To Improve Your Home Security

It is around about this time of year when the people of Britain start organising where they are heading for their summer holiday. Whilst on their jollies, those fortunate enough to own their home will want to be certain that their property is fully secure.

Green Aluminium Windows

That will only be the case if you take necessary precautions to secure your home prior to your departure.

Take 5 Star’s 5 steps to a more secure home

  1. Install new windows and doors

Any noticeable weak points in your windows and doors when they’re locked will be pounced on by thrifty thieves. Opening securely fastened modern windows and doors will prove a tougher obstacle for burglars due to the resilience of the frames and locks and keep your possessions safely out of their crafty clutches.

  1. Lock up properly

A high number of burglaries take place because homeowners fail to lock their windows and doors properly and it can invalidate your contents insurance. When leaving the house unoccupied or turning in for the night, go around the house and check that every window and door is completely locked shut.

  1. Fit an alarm

You can buy a number of home alarm systems that detect any break-in attempt and trigger a noise to deter intruders – wireless, video monitor, motion detector, siren, sensor. Remember to change the alarm code every few weeks, and of course, inform all other members of the family when you do so

  1. Join the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme

Burglary figures tend to be lower in those areas where there is a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in place. People who are part of the scheme volunteer their time to help limit crime in the community by keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity and reporting it to the police. Join them and defend yours, and others homes.

  1. Don’t be tempted to leave a key out

We’re all guilty of leaving a spare key to the house under the doormat or a nearby plant pot so that a family member or friend can get in. Burglars aren’t stupid and will look under such places when attempting to gain entry. Instead of doing this, give the spare key to someone you trust wholeheartedly.

5 Star can most definitely help when it comes to supplying secure windows and doors. Our entire window and door range is rigorously tested to ensure it passes modern security standards and leaves your home as safe as houses.


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