A Definitive Guide To Saving Energy In The Home

Homeowners across the UK are struggling to cope with the cost of their energy bills and with prices set to shoot up further in the coming years, the time has come when you need to take the initiative yourself and do something to reduce the cost.

There are hundreds of ways of saving energy in the home. Here are a few useful examples:

  • When cooking on the hob, rather than use a series of rings, purchase a set of steamers so that you can cook large amounts of food on one ring.
  • Always fill your washing machine when putting on a load and make sure that a suitable temperature is set.
  • Switch of lights when leaving a room unoccupied, particularly last thing at night.
  • Don’t leave TV’s on standby as even when turned off they will continue to consume energy.
  • When making a cup of tea only fill the kettle with as much water as you need, don’t over boil.
  • Replace all traditional light bulbs and put energy-saving light bulbs in their place.
  • Get your boiler checked by a specialist. If required get a new energy efficient boiler installed.
  • Only buy appliances that come with an energy efficiency label attached.
  • Invest in UPVC windows, UPVC doors and UPVC conservatories to prevent heat loss.
  • Install insulation in walls and loft space.
  • When the weather is set fair outside rather than use your tumble dryer, hang the washing outside.
  • Take advantage of your timer when putting on your heating. Turn if off completely when you go to bed at night.
  • Rather than wait for running water to go cold when wanting a drink, fill a bottle and place it in the fridge.
  • Where possible, light a room using candles rather than traditional lighting.
  • Only take a bath when absolutely necessary and reduce time spent in the shower.

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