A Window Box Can Save You Space In Your Garden

Perhaps you like your garden the way it is, or perhaps you’re not of the gardening type and would much rather just have your back garden flagged over? Well, if that’s the case but you’re partial to growing a few herbs or something that doesn’t justify having a whole garden dedicated to plant growing then you should look at investing in a window box.

These are ideal for small things like herbs that you may want to grow to compliment your cooking. Before you buy one though you’ll need to sort out just where it is you’re going to place it. This is something that can affect the kind of plants and herbs you can grow in it.

There’s a number of different kinds of herbs that you can grow in your window box too. Some of the ones that will grow well in one of these are chives, oregano, lemon thyme and creeping rosemary.

With summer just around the corner, perhaps you’d like to add a bit of colour to the room you have your window box in. Brightly coloured flowers are a good place to start, something like a trailing fuchsia which produces a number of bright pink flowers that will trail down the side of the box.

If you have a conservatory, that would be a good room to place your window box as they get a lot of sunlight and it can only do your plants good.

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