Add A Skylight To Your Home Extension And Revel In Natural Light

Holidays abroad, better weather and bright days that extend well into the night. These are just some of the best things about summer. Lengthier exposure to natural light can also be beneficial for our wellbeing, and to enjoy a lot more of it throughout the long summer days when reclining and unwinding in your conservatory or orangery, you should incorporate a skylight into the structure.

UltraSky Roof Lanterns

Skylights, rooflights, roof lanterns – they basically all do the same job which is to admit light into buildings.

For the purpose of this piece, we will stick to using the word ‘skylight’, something that should be styled according to the room and roof where it will be fitted. It could be crafted into a fixed flat style, pitched roof style, roof lantern style or pyramid form.

The size of a skylight will largely depend on how much roof space you want it to cover; we never supply a one-size-fits-all solution. After measuring up at the designated spot, we will craft a bespoke skylight.

You will love how much more inviting and bright your extension feels once we have completed the installation of a skylight.

But, that’s not the only reason you’ll be so overjoyed you bought one…

Temperature control

It’s infuriating for home extension owners when they’re denied the chance to use their extension in summer because the space overheats.

A 5 Star skylight won’t contribute to the problem as we strategically position our skylights to prevent too much warmth coming through them. We also use low ‘e’ glasses with remarkably low u-values for every skylight to restrict internal heat transference.  

The weather won’t make a single dint in them.


Some of our skylights (roof windows) have an opening function if you’d like to make the most of any cool outdoor air.

Without compromising the security of the extension, they can be partially opened to create a little gap for the weather to get through which will then circulate and fill the space.

Cheaper electricity bills

You won’t need to hit the ‘on’ switch for any lighting you have in the extension right up until sunset because of how much natural light gets in.

A lower usage of electricity will be reflected in your electricity costs which will be far more affordable than they used to be during previous summers.


Skylights are a pivotal product in our extensive range of home improvements. That’s why they have their very own brochure. Get your hands on a copy of it HERE.  


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